Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

Mausillus' Vision

Mausillus “dies” as Morella desperately fights off the two Yochlol that come to take him away to the Pits. In the final moments, an aspect of Lolth attempts to tempt Marcellus’ fiendish half away from her charge. Failing that, she overpowers Morella and proceeds to drag Mausillus’ soul across the aether into the Lower Planes. At the last, the soul of the priest, Father Maxus Buttle, appears to Mausillus and effectively baptizes him, renewing his soul and casting off the tainted legacy of Aurunshee/Lolth that has cursed her people and damned their souls. Mausillus is transformed, both physically and spiritually. The powerful geas of the ToL’s vengeance blade consumes Mausillus’ soul, and as the gleaming Elven presence vanishes with a final benediction, the Father in essence merges with Mausillus, becoming the substance of his new soul.

At the same type, Mausillus’ spirit becomes an immoveable redoubt to the aspect, who founders in her effort to pull him to the other side. She no longer has any power over this new spirit.

Bellgold/Brendellari’s aspect, tied to the Shot in the Dark (his hand crossbow artifact), appears and finishes Lolth with a single shot, the last bolt, from the crossbow. She is banished back to the Demonweb Pits. Only able to haltingly explain (as he’s unsure himself) that the incredible power of the presence within Mausillus must have tenuously strengthened his tie to the temple, Brendellari is able to remain long enough to restore the purifying fountain. Not at full potency, the fountain can still put forth 15 drops of the curative water in a day



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