Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

Smoke in the Cloisters

initially unrelated events and parties have crossed paths with each other.

As they prepare to leave the Trade Consortium, Lotho and “Lady Vega” are rocked by a series of tremors that run through the city. They get clear of the Circle and into the open city long enough to see a plume of dust and smoke begin to rise from the Western part of the city in the Godsway, originating at the West Works of the enormous Solar Temple. Only a moment later, another, thin ribbon of black smoke begins to rise in the East, coming from the affluent Darokinian “estates” district, also known as the Brick Way. Stopping one fleeing man, a former servant during the days of the Barony, Morella hears the words that will guide the fear of the rest of the mass- “it’s the Curse! It’s returned!”

No sooner does a collective pause and shock grip all the hundreds of bystanders, then slow-churning clouds of red ash begin to mix up in the smoke spilling from the West Works. Shock quickly turns to panic as Morella and Lotho, astride Ambrosia, sprint the 5 or so blocks between the Market district and Godsway Tenements, now a stampede of terrified hundreds surging away from what their frantic overtures now concur- the Red Curse.



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