Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

The Curse of Nithia

The session begins with a haggard-looking Galenraug picking his way through a mountainous dungeon.

(Quick Note: dropped into it with otherwise no background by the DM as to what he’s after, the character hasn’t been played in 3 real-world years, but the campaign setting, the same as “Mavericks”, has jumped ahead over a century to AC 1191)

It is revealed that a Dwarven militia has taken over the dungeon (which was once a Rockhome mansion) as a base of operations. As Galenraug picks his way through the hallways, he finds his way to an amphitheater deep within. There, a throng of Dwarven soldiers in full regalia stand with axes upheld and cheering to a great monolith, also carved in the likeness of a dwarf. The effigy is revealed to be alive; in fact it is Denwarf, the first dwarf.



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