Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

The Tree Withers

Ur-Priests in Vega, and the TOL comes under attack

Marcellus and Jahari, leaving the Godsway tenements and the Man in Gold, take note of his foreign allies with their carriages arrayed around his home.

In the Godsway Proper, they encounter mass ceremonies and rites, processions, and a mass oath of penance by rag-dressed priests through the middle of the square- all of it fallout from the terrible happenings of the last three days. They also witness the efforts of another faction, the Ur-Priesthood, proselytizing atheism and the self-reliant teaching of Gerath the prophet. They are led by a former bishop of Ixion, Chevras.

After their debate with fellow Ur-Priests/lovers Shondra and Varkas, Marcellus and Jahari proceed to the Canolborath Gardens, where they meet the Elven caretaker Weatherlight..



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