Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

Marcellus, Edric, and Tephis ascend from the Vega sewers in the Southern Runs, and immediately flee back to In Repose. Tephis is severely reproached for his reckless action in stealing the ancient (metallic) scroll from Gohji and the Order of Gylgarid while they were in the Vault of the Cynidicean.

Then the siege began. Edric’s defensive runes immediately detected a hostile invader on the edge of the property, and a clairaudience rune quickly confirmed that the Order had found them. With a dozen cult members, and presenting a family of terrified citizens, abducted in the middle of the night, for the party to witness, Gohji threatened to begin killing them if the document was not returned.

In desperation, Marcellus/M unraveled the scroll, to learn exactly what Gohji’s Order so desired. It immediately began to reconstruct itself, playing out an effective visual capture of Tarthis, the capital of the Dark Nithian Kingdom on the eve of its fated destruction at the hands of the Spell of Oblivion. Floored by the portent of the discovery, the party attempted to use the recording of the scroll, which could be interacted with as a real-time projection, to scroll across the city and perhaps find any clue that could determine who or what was the architect of the SoO, and thus of the Red Curse. Then the scroll began to “talk”, to “perceive”, and to act. It began to defend itself, and its timeless “defenders” soon arrived.



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