Axemines, High Priest of Gylgarid

The Voice of the Eridian Beast


Male Human (Nithian) CE of Gylgarid

Medium humanoid (human) clr/hierophant

-Axemines recently summoned three Ur-Enduk, demonic progeny of Gylgarid, and commanded a coven of his lower cleracy, 14 in total, to fight to the death. The three survivors were then possessed by the demonic Minotaur spirits, and set to track down the vessel of Gylgarid’s revival, Marcellus Vega.

-He is working in tandem with the self-proclaimed exarch of Gylgarid, Jesse’garid

A tall, high-hooded man, his garments of blood-red are embroidered with the silhouette of a golden bull’s head. An amulet of the Nithian Scarab hangs around his neck, carapace, eyes and limbs intricately sculpted in lapiz azul and yellow gold. His noble Nithian blood shows through in the aqualine nose, pursed lips, high forehead, and ochre-flecked amber eyes that look as though they belong to a basalt statue.

Axemines, High Priest of Gylgarid

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