Bargle the Infamous

Ignominy has a name...


Male human CE of Leptar/Thanatos/ whatever immortal serves his needs…

Medium humanoid (human) wizard

Tall and gaunt, at over 6’.

The Infamous One has been the bane of the Civilized South since the late 10th century AC; he avails himself of the privileges and resources of an ever-growing list of patrons, then disposes of them. His greed and desire for what he sees as his right of authority have ruined countless lives, stripped the livelihoods of entire states and nations, and steered the political fortunes of the Known World. But the Infamous One is always prepared for when the honeymoon is over; Bargle is ready with three fallback plans for each setup that founders, always moving to the next rife location, his appetites ready to consume a new realm of innocent lives. After all, the dullards and stock rulers of Mystara never truly utilize their resources to maximum effect, why not a learned man of means, a vizier, chancellor, advisor, wiseman, priest or councilor. Bargle has played all of these roles, with much aplomb and the chameleon-like verisimilitude of a master stage performer. But unlike those great troupes and performance halls, there is no applause when the master manipulator finishes. He has a contempt of those without means or learning, and notoriously disregards the “mendicants” beneath his current status, which is always at the ear of the encumbant power. His magicks are incredibly extensive, given the number of grimores he has pilfered and the mages he has mind-reemed.

Little is known of Bargle’s adolescence or his tutelage in magecraft. Publicly, he first turned up as Black Eagle Baron Ludwig von Hendriks’ magical advisor in the Duchy of Karameikos, circa AC 989.

Bargle the Infamous

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