Brïndœl of Oceasand

A deceased knight of Vanya/lore master


Male ghost (formerly human) LG of Ványa

Medium outsider (Extraplanar) exp4/Ftr2/Pal2/Eidolon4, CR 10

Hit Dice: (hp 105)
Initiative: 2 (2 dexterity)
BAB/Grapple: 10/12
AC: corporeal 20 ( 7 armor ghost-touch warded full-plate +1, +2 deflection ghost-touch bulwark of protection, +1 dexterity), incorporeal 21 (1 deflection)
Special Attacks: Major Malevolence
Special Qualities:
Ability Scores: Str 14 Con – Dex 15 Int 13 Wis 13 Cha 16
Organization: Solitary
Environment: Limbo


AC 1047- sworn in as a member of the order, given the concordance signed by the Hochmeister.

AC 1049- completes clericy studies, enlists as a marine of the Loftlotte. Is assigned to the Adler-class warbird _____.

AC 1050- Dies in the disastrous Verdunite Corsair bomb attacks of Alfsísle, Pirate Isle, Sulescu, Lumine Port, and Minrothad City. The powerful technomantic bombs, using Blackmoor tech, disrupt local magicks, including the Priories of Ványa on each warbird, and cause the ships to crash into the ocean from the Bay of Hule to the Ochalean Isles.

AC 1100’s(?)- bound to the rebuilt, rechristened Habrok by the Captain Verdigris. Is entreated to use his powers of divination in the afterlife to research the secrets of Nithia, Gylgarid, and the Thanatos Heresy, the “Rot” within the Heldannic Order. In exchange, Verdigris claims he knows how to free Brïnthœl from Limbo and allow him to pass on.

AC 1200- rescues the sorceress Marcellus Vega and Altenwald Ranger Adelard Mōhrgsbane from imprisonment as spirits on the Habrok. Both arrive in Limbo in the necropolis of Tarthis.

Brïndœl of Oceasand

Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield GeorgeArmbruster