Calenrok Celebram

The Green Daemon of the South

Medium humanoid (Elf) NG of Grishnag

male High Elf Ftr/Rgr/Rge/Warblade/ Martial Monk

Special Qualities:

Ranger Spells (sp)-

Warblade Manuevers (su)-

Warblade Stances (ex)-

Telepathy (su)-

Channeling Celestial (su)-

Shared Cleric Spells (sp)-

Psionically Awakened (psi)-

Calenrok Celebram (Thyatized “Galenraug”) has many undefined parts of his life, some of them conspicuously missing, multi-layered and and internally inconsistent, or even parallel and contradictory in nature. These have been the result of the innumerable tamperings that have been done to his mind by those who sought to exploit him, the Dark Elves of Aengmar, Laredun and Setzer Bellerond, and, it is believed, Calen’s own biological father. This lack of a memetic foundation, feelings of being unreal, living in an insubstantial world or experiencing false memories, are all themes that have plagued Calen’s adult life since he first began to question the reality of the world around him. This came with exposure to enthrallment, undeath, and mind-reeming magicks, but In the end, beyond all doubt, Calen’s solopsis complex was discovered to be his mind’s attempt to cope with a much older, deeper trauma; which memories were real or not were insignificant, whether he himself was real lost out to the important question of “why?” He would find his answers in one man with 3,000 years worth of anger.

Part of a satellite colony that survived the Rain of Fire, Andreas “Ronin” Sephnis was bent upon the end of magic and the rise of technology. In an alternate future he would prevent the ROF and usher Blackmoor into a dystopian future. But from this dystopia, six “interventionists” would return to the past using the same memetic equipment Ronin used to transfer memories and information across time and space. Implanting memories in the subconscious of six individuals in the past, these interventionists would be the only ones aware of Ronin’s potential and capable of adequately combatting him. The six original Mavericks, Delan Penndragon, Nerroe Galivan, Thokk, Frodus Vert, Drackmire Dirmsale, and Calen were these six interventionists. After “awakening”, Calen, known as the soldier Boreus of New Ulteria in the alternate timeline, went with his fellow interventionists and the Hidden Kingdom of Viráge to wage war upon Ronin and the Blackmoor city of Laredūn. Captured by Supervisor 002 and reinserted to the Retcon, Calen’s memories were to be harvested for Andreas Ronin’s shadow scion soldiers; originally grown from his “seed” memories,

As a result of his strong moral purogative and almost 300 years of active adventuring, Calen has amassed an extensive list of foes. His first adventures in and around the cities of Threshold and Penhaligon brought him the ire of the Iron Ring, a guild of slavers based out of Halag in Karameikos. His battles with the numerous tribes of humanoids holed up in the Black Peaks and Cruth Mountains in the interior South of the continent has spread his infamy to the humanoid confederation of Thar and the Glantrian state of New Kolland. While in the Gulf of Hule shortly after his co-founding of the __Mavericks__mercenary guild, he encountered the Taymoran vampire Surrian Sephnis and an army of Lycans, survivors of Minrothad’s “Silver Purgings”. With Surrian’s destruction, the Nosferatu families tied to the undead Taymoran Empire of Nyx became implacable enemies.

Calenrok Celebram

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