Édric Bærünson

Door warden of The Repose


Born in AC 1169 in Ostlünd, Edric was orphaned early on by the troll moots that terrorized the South. He was left to the care of the the priesthood of Wotan, ending up in Altenvald with a large contingent of migrant orphans. Here, he entered the care of the high priest of New Haldisval, Tephis. A worshipper of both Sif, better known in the South as Vanya, and the Star Dragon, it was Tephis who taught the young man to read and write, and gave him teaching in the use of the true runes, the magical writing of his people.

Formerly the door warden and customary guardian of the temple of Ványa (Vindlér, or guardian against the wind-sea) of the Heldannic warbird Hábrók, since the airship’s destruction the Ostlündr has taken up with his mentor and immigrated to the city-state of Vega. Here, Tephis has replaced priestly robes for the scholarly vestment of a rector, and Edric has maintained his guardianship over the old priest and the book store and apothecary he has opened, The Repose.

Edric lives in the apartment above The Repose.

Édric Bærünson

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