Floahj Modestre

Regent of Vega, Owner of "Knot Bread"


Male Human NG of the Thyatian Pantheon

Medium humanoid (human) Ftr4 (of 10)/Exp2

Skills: craft (baking) +18, craft (blacksmithing) +10, knowledge (history),knowledge (local), knowledge (nobility),

Floajh noticeably possesses no profession skill as a baker, to represent his lack of business savvy in running Knot Bread itself. He is THE baker, and very good at what he does. But he is no businessman.


A former legate of the Thyatian Legion, now the founder, owner, and operator of the popular bakery and restaurant, “Knot Bread”, in Vega. He is married to an Ierendian woman with one son. His brother-in-law has taken over business operations for the bakery, which is now also a restaurant thanks to his developments.

In AC 1196, he won a public nomination to sit on the Citizen’s Council, representing the 4th Ward of the Foreign Quarter. He was later appointed to the Regency Council in an emergency capacity, replacing the assassinated Darokinian pawnbroker Braewine Thuol in AC 1198. He was later elected by the city to that seat the following year.

The inevitable question of the city-state of Vega’s continued independence was forced to the forefront by the AC 1200 invasion of Akesoli and the taking of the West shores and isles of Darokin by the Sindhi-Hulean alliance. The regency assesed the possibility of patriation many years before, in AC 1196 after the “passing” of Lady Vega and her imminent reappearance, with many dignitaries representing the Old World in attendance. Thyatis, (at the time) Thyacosia, and Glantri all put forward the idea of Vega joining them as a satellite. Darokin, despite its greatest proximity to the then-barony, was suspiciously uninvolved in these hypotheticals. But four years later, the humanoids of the Broken Lands were the breakers and skirmishers of the Nomads, and raids passed precariously close to the West valley walls. Now sitting on regency, Modestre became one of the arbiters of this decision.

Floahj Modestre

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