Flora, Fauna, and Launa Erendil

The Nannies


Galadhē, Celvarē, and Lóna Erendil, or Flora, Fauna, and Launa, as they are known to the halflings of Hillock and citizenry of Vega, are the three primary nannies of Audrey and Caelenrok Ättea (Junior) Celebram.

Flora, the youngest of the three sisters, is an exceptional gardener and very artistic horticulturist. Her topiaries, garden arrangements, and lawn work cover the Hillock Compound. She has a budding relationship with the High Sheriff of Hillock, Thane Hintor Crownveltch. It has recently blossomed into amorous romance.

Fauna, the middle child, is fully dedicated to her paramour, ____, and is the only married sister, as well as the only one with child. Her son and husband both live in Vega’s tenements on the Godsway, Adress 8NW, overlooking the Free Temple and the Old Hutaakan Cloisters.

Launa, who with a minor Thyatized spelling, uses her name untranslated (which means an unreachable island), is the oldest, and a devout follower of Ilsundal. She contemplates going to New Alfheim to study being a Treekeeper, and beseeches her youngest sibling to teach her. She is a superb seamstress, rope maker, and does other woven goods like baskets. She runs a small boutique, Children’s Place, at 11 Main St in the Foreign Quarter, which is open for walk-ins from 8:00 to 8:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, her days off from work at the compound. It was revealed to Marcellus that she is apparently High-Elven, and walks in both Arvandor and Mystara at the same time as an Eladrin.

Flora, Fauna, and Launa Erendil

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