Gahiji, Huntsman of Gylgarid

A tracker and hunter of the cult


Male human NE of Gylgarid

Medium humanoid (human) Rgr/Rge/Wiz

•2-weapon fighter
•carried a Dark Nithian dagger- also possess a variation on the dagger, thin crystalline spikes, called “soul needles”, that carry a supernatural rotting curse. Cinnabryl, as demonstrated by Marcellus when one hit her, is able to counteract this effect.
•capable of Per Niter casting

Previously possessed by the spirit of a shaman and chief of an otherworldly human tribe, previously trapped in an ancestral spear in the hut of Baba Yaga. Augmented his fighting abilities when using the spear, now destroyed.

-Was trapped within a gem set in the pommel of the Bel Versē dagger, carried by Marcellus Vega. He was then traded to the Rogue Lotan Aspect, Cavalier, to save Briandhol from reprisal.

-Reappears in the alliance of the Cult and the Knights of the Bronze Chalice, freed from the gem and possessed by an Ur-Enduk demon of Gylgarid.


Gahiji, Huntsman of Gylgarid

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