Jahari Blue-Blade

Marcellus' bodyguard


hp: 170

AC: 24


-Leader of the small band of hobgoblin warriors bearing his name, the Seekers of the Blue Blade (Blue Blades for short).

-May have human in his blood; Decidedly more intelligent than a normal hobgoblin, his band is likewise more disciplined and accepting of non-goblin races. Can pass for a burly, hairy human with his ears covered.

-First served Marcellus Vega as her bodyguard in AC 1188. With the city’s official foundation in AC 1192, he became its first guard captain.

-despises the djinn of the City of Bronze. Seeks vengeance upon the ifreeti taskmaster, mujina shape-shifters, and Familialteste gang members responsible for his capture, slavery, and impersonation, which led to the sullying of his name.

Jahari Blue-Blade

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