Leader of the Order of the Dark Justiciar


Female Tauric Elf LN of Gylgarid

Tauric humanoid (elf/legendary Minotaur) Crusader


Born sometime after the Alphatian Spike, Jesse’Garid was the second child and only daughter of Asterion’Garid, her father and the CherbĂ­ (Royal guard captain and security chief) of Mis, the defacto Tauran home nation of Mystara. Under the patriarchal and military oligarchy of Tauran society, Jesse was barred from commissioned officer posts, leadership roles beyond the domestic, and even inheritance. What she excelled at was the martial path, thanks in no small part to her father’s military rank and heritage, her own personal drive and the powerful bloodline she inherited. That line, of the legendary Tauran warlord and servant of Hel, Gylgarid, was of high lineage, but one that also carried fear and apprehension- whispers of fiendish consultation and pacts, incestuous rites and unspeakable commingling of blood with other races. These taboos were said to have lent a keenness, an otherworldly awareness, and a not entirely Tauran mindset to the Garid lineage.

In AC 1000 as the political underpinnings of the Great War began to sow their seeds, Mis warriors answered calls for mercenary work in the Davanian island nation of Nogard. This was in response to the large presence of worshippers of the Vanir, the hated enemies of the patron immortal of Tauren war and bloodshed, Kiranjo. The fierce berzerkr of Kiranjo, the most respected and feared of the Tauran warrior caste, soon began turning territories in the interior of Nogard into client states of Mis, installing themselves as warlords and kings over the mountainous island’s other humanoid and monstrous races.


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