Baron Delan Prowbak

"Red Baron" of Blight Swamp

Male Elf (Shiye-Lawr) LN of The Old One

Medium humanoid* Sorc/Psi/Cereb

Hit Dice: 18d4 + 32 (hp 91)
BAB/Grapple: + 10/+ 12
Attacks: + 3 Keen bastard sword + 14/+ 9 (d10 + 5, 19-20/x2)
Ability Scores: Str 15 Con 14 Dex 16 Int 20 Wis 17 Cha 23
•Dragon-blooded (ex)-

•Psionics (psi)- ML 12th

•Sorcerer Spells (sp)- CL 21st

•Automatic Metamagic (sp)-

•Shapechange (sp)-

•Spell-like Abilities (sp)-
A former adventurer in his “young” days, back when Karameikos was a unified country and not conflicted duchies, Delan Prowbak was given a baronial land holding by King Stephen I to create a safe passage through the Blight Swamps bordering Western Karameikos and the 5 Shires. With the end of the Karameikos line in petty in-fighting and the carving up of the lands by the emerging Thyacosian nobles, the Red Baron of Blight Swamp stayed to his holdings and answered no entreaties by Specularum. As if the renaming of the capital was not a dead giveaway, Prowbak recognized a coup/bid for vengeance by transplanted Thyatian elite when he saw it. With the considerable wealth of his barony and personal fortune, amassed over 200 years of dungeoneering and sell-sword work, he was one of the silent backers of the Crown Loyalists and one of the few people to known as a matter of fact that the Karameikos line survived and escaped to Minrothad with a backup heir intact. With Stephen’s sons furthering the schism in Karameikos’ church, the political grounds were fertile for radical change. The last in a line of Hyraksos family stewards stepped down to the Thyacosian regime in AC 1165, and with the aid of barons Prowbak, Sulescu, Torenescu, and Laurelson, the Crown Loyalists made their first, disastrous attempt to retake Karameikos in Summer of AC 1166. With no powers granted them by their patron Immortals in either the Church of Karameikos or by Halav of the Traladaran Trinity, the Loyalists appeared to have no “upper mandate” to reclaim the country, and were quickly quashed. The next concerted effort would wait 34 years as Karameikos was carved up by self-appointed Dukes, Bishops, and Protectors with no other backing than fear and weapons. On all this, the Red Baron looked with enmity, both at the Thyatians and his allies in his adventuring days who never came.

On the cusp of reclaiming Specularum from the Thyacosians in AC 1200, the Crown Loyalists faced the fatigue of a protracted battle and the forces of the Southern families who long ago pledged to the Marlinev Rebellion. Halag (just north of the Red Barony) has been “liberated” by a new ruler, claiming to be the Black Eagle Baron and concealing his face with a mask bearing the two-headed eagle of Hendriks. The Red Baron, still allied with the Hin Masters of the Five Shires and the Watchers of Traldar, has committed himself to the secret, “real war” just underneath the surface of the Crown War. Names such as Hule, the Master, the Fist of Hattias, and the Veiled Society stand in the shadows of the Thyacosian party, and now more than ever, Prowbak looks to the past for allies and more importantly, trusted friends and heroes that have already borne the weight of responsibility that he needs them to bear. May the time not be too slow in coming.

Baron Delan Prowbak

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