Däum, "They"

We will be you, we will be whole again

Unknown abberation(s)

Special Qualities:

Alien Phisiology (ex)- the reality of Mystara is incapable of adequately defining these entities when they set foot into this dimension. They become a nightmarish juxtaposition of limbs, humors, organs and fluid-filled vacuoles. This obviously makes the physical body an insignificant vessel for the entity, and thus critical hits, sneak attacks, massive damage, and other vital point-dependent attacks have no effect. Irregardless of the form, always they possess a long, beak-like proboscis prominently placed somewhere on their surface. Far from being a feeding orifice, the proboscis is actually an antenna or point of contact, inverting within the creatures body, then reverting to a proboscis shape in the creature’s home dimension. No attempt has yet been made to sever one of these beaks, though assumedly the connection to Mystara is from this “local wormhole” appendage.

Host Requirement (su)- The entities are

Däum, "They"

Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield GeorgeArmbruster