An ambitious Myrmarch Formian

Large construct (lawful), formerly half-construct Formian myrmarch

Special Qualities:

Mindless (su)- having failed in resisting the effects of his Inevitable construct implants, X’rsillion’s own mind was erased by the consciousness of the Clockwork Niirvana, a standard protocol of any Inevitable that returns to Mechanus “contaminated” by planar contact. The information would then be assimilated into the collective A.I. Of Mechanus, so it would be assumed X’rsillion suffered the same fate. In its place, he has the Clockworks’ startup program, ready to receive a new template of functions and objectives. However, either the Hub of Elders rejected what was perceived as a defective/destroyed construct, or for whatever reason, X’rsillion is trapped in this “startup mode” loop with no recourse. He is effectively mindless (Int 1)
but perfectly , obliviously regimented rather than mindless and raging. He will observe and restore order to anything discordant presented to him (A basic Mechanus function of all it natives), will record and analyze any languages or images for later retrieval (a basic learning module of Inevitables in the field), or run a diagnostic (all repeated in a binary clicking language), ending with a call to the H.o.E. to receive a template module. When this (always) fails, exactly every 4,096 minutes (roughly 68 hours and 15 minutes) each cycle, X’rsillion once again enters his default diagnostic/ functionary loop.

Speak Clockwork Language (ex)- His mind overwritten by the Clockwork’s protocols, X’rsillion now only speaks a simple, universal language of binary codes (open 1, close 0), in a series of clicks resembling the sounds of turning gears. He seems to understand any and all languages, however, once they are directed at him. Anyone with the appropriate knowledge of such binary language can attempt to understand the rapid clicks, but they pass too quickly for any but the most orderly of minds (or those sped up in time magic) to interpret in real time. Because it is an endless loop repeating ever 68 hours and 15 minutes, it would be theoretically possible to piece together the routine over time.

Once a powerful Myrmarch in a Formian colony on Mechanus, he used his unusual amount of free will to take over and manipulate the colony’s queen to his own ends. He found a way to send the colony’s queen (and thus the whole colony) to the Material Plane of Mystara, seeking a powerful Hivebrood diadem that would give him the power to control not only his, but any Formian colony in the planes. This ambition was undone by an adventuring band called the Mavericks, who managed to incapacitate the queen long enough for her to be removed to Mechanus.

Replacing his damaged limbs with golem implants following a near-fatal encounter with the Defenders of Cruth and Argo Deathcross, the Myrmarch later turned up in the service of Taurus Krahd’s Order of the Dark Justiciar. He served as a powerful telepathic hub to the Minotaur in his quest to merge with the touchstones of the outer planes, using an ancient Blackmoor Technomantic device called the I’dune Configuration.

For all his trouble, as he was poised to reveal much of Kraud’s plans to the Sodkiller Faction while in confinement on Sigil, he was psionically lobotomized. Kraud released inhibitors placed in the Myrmarch’s “upgraded” golem limbs (actually the parts of an Omega Justiciar Inevitable), and the “erasure protocol” of the Clockwork Nirvana destroyed X’rsillion’s mind.

The once-mighty Formian now sits in a padded force cage in Sigil, babbling incoherently in binary, his mind overwritten by the main A.I. of Mechanus.


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