Dark Nithian Blade

A relic of the dark final days of Nithia...

weapon (melee)

Each of these unique magical weapons carries powerful legacy effects upon those who wield them, tailored to the individual and growing stronger as the individual grows in power. All share the same powers:

•a horrid wilting effect (as the spell, caster level 20th, half profane damage, see BoVD). Those without sufficient Nithian lineage to wield the weapons suffer this same effect to whatever limb grasps the weapon.

•Act as spell foci for the Nithian casting ritual known as the Ur-Per-Niter.

•A means of reproducing another, full monolith from a single shard is known to exist and was implemented by the priests of Dark Nithia to spread the cult’s influence. This process of reproduction is currently lost to history.


Created from shards of black glass-like crystal from the Later Kingdom Era, the Dark (or Sorcerous) Pharoces of Nithia. Charged with Necrocarnate energy, these monoliths were the worship foci of the entropic cults that overwhelmed Nithia in its final days and ultimately led to its oblivion. The merest touch to one of these monoliths, or even separate shards, resulted in a horrid wilting effect to those “not worthy” of the Dark Legacy of Nithia.

Three such blades are known to exist:

•one formerly possessed by the Nithian heir, Marcellus Vega, “the entropic shiv”. To prevent the possession of Vega’s per-niter by the Dead Immortals of Andrephaen, she sundered the blade, casting one half into the upper planes, the other into the lower planes.
•one formerly carried by Gyl Erid hunter and Spellsword, Gahiji.
•one is carried by Axemines, high priest of the Gyl Erid cult.

Dark Nithian Blade

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