Vengeance of the Deathcross

Signature weapon of Argo Deathcross

weapon (melee)

This large +5 Holy Burst ring-bladed sun-blade is treated as both a great sword and/or a bastard sword for the sake of weapon proficiency.


Legacy Weapon
As a legacy weapon, the abilities of the sword are linked to the land of Nogard in the uncharted Dread Seas, and it’s tie to the Chromatic Dragon Empire that once ruled Mystara millenia ago. The weapon is made from a piece of Mystara’s Wellspring, a great planar touchstone that acted to usher souls to the transitory planes. It was with Vengeance of the Deathcross, alongside its sister weapons of legacy, the claw bracers Ashen Recurve and the guisarme Dark Justiciar, that the Wellspring was ultimately destroyed by the three legacies and the power of Incarnum, soul magic, loosed upon Mystara.

1 of the 3 Incarnate Keys to the Blackmoor planar superstructure called Skybridge, it allowed access to the Cradle, the multiversal hub of what was called the I’Dune Configuration. Carved from large incarnate stones, that were in turn broken from Mystara’s Wellspring, this planar power configuration was guarded by the Ee’ar tribe called the Valikan. The survivors of the Rain of Fire who called themselves the Hand of Blackmoor (later shortened to Black Hand) discovered and subjugated this xenophobic tribe of winged elves. The Black Hand began to explore the possibility of using these incarnate touchstone structures, attuned each to a plane of the multiverse, to control the very fabric of the planes. The Valikan, with the exception of only a handful of survivors, were wiped out in the process of defending the Configuration. In the end, the Black Hand could

The Master of the Spider Peaks safeguarded the three fragments of the Configuration for nigh on 3,000 years before they were turned over to his sponsoring immortal, Odin One-Eyed. From these shards were made the three weapons, as well as the construction, by the Dwarves of Asgard, of the skyship Gnæfavindr.

Vengeance of the Deathcross

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