H.F.L. Hábrók

An Adler-class skyship of Heldann's Luftlotte


H.M.L. Hábrók

Luftlotte skyship, Augmented Adler-Class warbird___________
Tonnage: 200 tons
Size: Colossal (175’ L x 225’ wingtip-to-wingtip)
Armor Class: 12, hardness 8
Hit Points: hull 90, damaged 359, disabled 720
Attacks: 4 ballistae, 2 blight belchers, 2 heavy fire belchers, 2 light belchers, 4 single spell-duelists, 2 double spell-duelists, 32 mounts for portable bombards and arquebus, 1 grapnel, 1 ram, 2 claw rakes
Special Qualities:

Though in size the ship is technically classified an Adler-class warbird, its complete rebuild, multiple reconditionings, and foreign upgrades have outfitted it with a plethora of weapons and defensive spells the older Adlers never enjoyed.


H.F.L. Hábrók

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