Sword of Karameikos

May only be wielded by the true ruler of Karameikos

weapon (melee)

This weapon’s true powers are known only to the great Alphatian mage Terari, who forged it for the Royal house, and the true rulers of Karameikos.

The annals of Karameikos, from Stefen I “The Hermit” of AC 901 to King Lucien III of AC 1161, is inscribed along the full length of the blade.

Stefen I, The Hermit
Stefen II, Elf-Friend
Boris I
Victor I
Stefen III, The Unifier
Adriana I
Devon I, 1st Patrician
Justin I
Valen I
Lucien I
Devon Victor II, 2nd Pat.
Devon Victor III, 3rd Pat
Lucien II
Lucien III
Lucien IV
16th Heir of Karameis Westron, The Unified Lands of Traldar

The intricately inscribed handle of the blade reads as such:

Let Only the True and Rightful Heir, Annointed of the One And Three, Girded in White, Cloaked in Green and Sheared after Marlinev, Snow-Capped Crown, In Their Left Hand Dreams, In Their Right Five Grains of Bounty, The Sea at Their Feet and Vault of Heaven on Their Brow, Claim This Sword and The Land of Mirros Westron, That of Olde The Hermit Named Karameis

Sword of Karameikos

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