Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

722 A.R., Part 6: Enter Duke, stage right...
The party "re-encounters" Duke Osser XVI; Marcellus has suspicions...
Lands of the Callisi, part 1: Detour
Galenraug is hurled to a familiar time...
722 A.R., Part 3: When the Lightning Ends
Paths are crossed with agents of the Crown
722 A.R., Part 2: Going Ashore
The crew arrives in Thorin Bay
In the Year 722 After the Rain...
a new ally, and Afridhi pirate attacks

The Crew of the D.O.T. Nemesis leaves the Open Boiling Sea and strikes out for Western Skondahar, where there resides the last, oldest remaining civilization of the Blackmoor Era; the Golden Imperium of Thonia. Here, it was said, within the oldest reliquaries, predating the Rain and even the Decline, were the oldest surviving artifacts of the Thonian Republic, the First, Second and Third Golden Ages of High Thonia. Hopefully, said Trystan, they would find the next clue on their hunt.

In Deep Water...
Marcellus wanders a now-submerged Comeback Inn
Comeback Inn
Stranded in the ether, rescued by... An inn?

Awakening from their “private” moment together, Galenraug explains to Marcellus the nature of the room they occupy; it is a safe room created from the Wellspring, the demiplane and incarnate battery built of the unified spirits and wills of the Mavericks and their allies. The wand that brought them to the room indicated by it flicker that the safe room was accessible, the first time in years the powers of the Wellspring had allowed it. This gives Galenraug hope that perhaps the magic of Mystara, though weak, is stabilizing.


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