Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

A Bronze Bullet & A Gold Ring
The hunt begins...

Galenraug begins his fast and Elven revery for Brendellari, committing the Antatas Ihaw, the giving of ears (also meaning ‘dedicated listening’, it is here used literally and ironically), cutting from his right ear and offering it to the sepulcher of Vega’s shrine to Ilsundal. He makes his way to the Temple of the Heroic Triumvirate, where the shrine of Bellgold is located. He is quickly stymied by the masses inside. Priestesses beseech the Lover with gifts, sacrifices of various and sundry precious objects, and many of the most progressively-minded and avant-garde individuals in the city give up their writings and poetry, alchemy, medicines, works of exotic (and some alien) -looking art and crafts, jewelry and all the many things with which Bellgold is credited. But no sign of blessing, no clerical powers, no presence in the Hall. The Muse of the Belcadiz, the Lover of Robrenn and Thief of One Thousand Hearts was silent. Frantic prayer, in mass effect, turned to grieving and reverent silence.

Twin-headed serpent
a piece of anarchist propaganda warns Vega against joining Glantri
Join or Die!
A councilman vanishes...

An impromptu meeting at Knotbread by Marcellus, Brendellari, and Valine to discuss her visions of the “Nightmare World” is interrupted by the ambitions of a party of patrons. Recognizing Marcellus, the three Regency councilmen of Princip, Radis, and Mabróné send over one of their bodyguards to pass a message requesting her company. The ogrillion (Orc-troll) is rebuffed by Marcellus, and Valine notes that he bears the mark of a debtor slave out of Trollhatten in Thar, making him and his fellow ogrillions (Valine believes by association) runaways. He inquires as to “whether elected officials of Vega are always in the habit of enlisting criminal vagabonds to be their peons”. Naturally, a standoff and (very) brief skirmish occurs.

The Rich Sun
Elven festivities

The Elven staff of the compound plan for the Alyánor, or Rich Sun Festival.

Not"Our" Marcellus...

Brendellari, Tonerus, and Galenraug continued to the wizard’s laboratory from the breakfast table and their guarded conversation with Marcellus. A gap of 6-months, Marcellus’ dire changes, and the course of action going forward were all shared.

the Descent, Part 4
The Frozen Lake of Stygia
The Descent, Part 3
Phlegethos Freezes, Marcellus faces Fierna
The Descent, Part 2
The Golden Worm of Minauros

Marcellus walks the blasted plane of Avernus, views the spawning pits of the First, and comes face to face with an aspect of Tiamat. She frees the red dragon head, Delan’s father, from the Chimeric creatures neck, then sends her hurtling down into the foundries of Dis, where she is entombed in molten iron. Riding the wave of destruction, Marcellus plummets through the Iron Hell of Dis, and is pulled by imperceivable forces Into the Golden Palace of Minauros, coming into the presence of the golden worm, Mammon of the Third.

The Descent, Part 1
Down a Staircase, Darkly...

Interposing with the Man in Red as the critically injured fiend returns to Baator, Marcellus finds herself standing in a volcanic waste, atop a staircase spiraling both upwards and downwards into infinity.

The Uninvited Guest
Hell comes to Hillock

When last we left our heroes….

The Elf community rejoiced in the arrival of Prince Penndragon and Lady Azul’s three children. Through the day, friends and family are received and celebration commences in open-air shelters and pavilions covering Hillock’s parade field and all of the Vega compound. After a procession of Elven nobility from around Brun, ending with the arrival, revelations and endearing gift of the Alfheim King Doriath, a final, unexpected guest arrived…

The Man in Red came to lay his blessing upon the three newborns, and deliver a message to the happy parents of their children’s fates. “One shall rise, two shall fall, will you have me tell you which?” He chided to the aghast congregation.

“It’s time for you to go,” Marcellus warned the MIR. Immediately Doriath, Delan, and Galenraug encircled him, weapons beginning to skirl from their sheaths. Lifting his ruby-red cane above his head, the MIR finally revealed himself. The cane began to grow, becoming a long, intricately carved scepter made from a single gem, a skewed pentagram surmounting its head. As the heroes are driven to their knees in enthrallment, the MIR smiles with a maw of carnivorous teeth and glowing, feral eyes. “You will not deny me, my blessing is mine to give,” he confidently addressed his bowed opponents.


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