Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

Blade of Oblivion

The Summer Solstice celebrations are about to commence. Both members of the Black Stockings and the Regency attend Marcellus’ festivity at her estate. Galenraug and Tonerus intervene in what they think on is an attempt on Marcellus’ life- the real threat reveals itself as the two are put out of position as the blacked cloaked and ethereal being attacks and wounds Marcellus with an ancient and obviously poisoned weapon. Tonerus is grievously injured, having his throats cut as Galenraug pursues the assailant only find that his blades have no effect. Only after drawing out his own life energy to form the Leshaye blade can Galenraug injure the figure, who retreats out into the lane and vanishes.

Pouring more of his own energy into Tonerus to save him, Galenraug is unable to fully heal the wounds. Tonerus remains touch-and-go as he is taken inside and prepared to be moved into Vega. It is revealed that while her injury is light, Marcellus has suffered memory loss as a result of the attack. The recovered blade is discovered to be Nithian, and contains vermeil- the essence of the Red Curse.

Celebration and Mourning
The party reunites

Festivity to commemorate the sign of Bellgold breaks out in the temple, and Bella leads a large consummation ritual (read: Bachalava) that goes into the wee hours of the night. The flood that spilled out of the temple restored those injured by the assassin, whose cloak is presented by Galenraug and Jahari. Though unsubstantiated, Galenraug is almost certain it belongs to an agent of the Second Shadow.

Mausillus' Vision

Mausillus “dies” as Morella desperately fights off the two Yochlol that come to take him away to the Pits. In the final moments, an aspect of Lolth attempts to tempt Marcellus’ fiendish half away from her charge. Failing that, she overpowers Morella and proceeds to drag Mausillus’ soul across the aether into the Lower Planes. At the last, the soul of the priest, Father Maxus Buttle, appears to Mausillus and effectively baptizes him, renewing his soul and casting off the tainted legacy of Aurunshee/Lolth that has cursed her people and damned their souls. Mausillus is transformed, both physically and spiritually. The powerful geas of the ToL’s vengeance blade consumes Mausillus’ soul, and as the gleaming Elven presence vanishes with a final benediction, the Father in essence merges with Mausillus, becoming the substance of his new soul.

At the same type, Mausillus’ spirit becomes an immoveable redoubt to the aspect, who founders in her effort to pull him to the other side. She no longer has any power over this new spirit.

Bellgold/Brendellari’s aspect, tied to the Shot in the Dark (his hand crossbow artifact), appears and finishes Lolth with a single shot, the last bolt, from the crossbow. She is banished back to the Demonweb Pits. Only able to haltingly explain (as he’s unsure himself) that the incredible power of the presence within Mausillus must have tenuously strengthened his tie to the temple, Brendellari is able to remain long enough to restore the purifying fountain. Not at full potency, the fountain can still put forth 15 drops of the curative water in a day

The Tree Withers
Ur-Priests in Vega, and the TOL comes under attack

Marcellus and Jahari, leaving the Godsway tenements and the Man in Gold, take note of his foreign allies with their carriages arrayed around his home.

In the Godsway Proper, they encounter mass ceremonies and rites, processions, and a mass oath of penance by rag-dressed priests through the middle of the square- all of it fallout from the terrible happenings of the last three days. They also witness the efforts of another faction, the Ur-Priesthood, proselytizing atheism and the self-reliant teaching of Gerath the prophet. They are led by a former bishop of Ixion, Chevras.

After their debate with fellow Ur-Priests/lovers Shondra and Varkas, Marcellus and Jahari proceed to the Canolborath Gardens, where they meet the Elven caretaker Weatherlight..

Prelude to the Final Act
The actors assemble, the fated hour approaches...
Smoke in the Cloisters
initially unrelated events and parties have crossed paths with each other.

As they prepare to leave the Trade Consortium, Lotho and “Lady Vega” are rocked by a series of tremors that run through the city. They get clear of the Circle and into the open city long enough to see a plume of dust and smoke begin to rise from the Western part of the city in the Godsway, originating at the West Works of the enormous Solar Temple. Only a moment later, another, thin ribbon of black smoke begins to rise in the East, coming from the affluent Darokinian “estates” district, also known as the Brick Way. Stopping one fleeing man, a former servant during the days of the Barony, Morella hears the words that will guide the fear of the rest of the mass- “it’s the Curse! It’s returned!”

No sooner does a collective pause and shock grip all the hundreds of bystanders, then slow-churning clouds of red ash begin to mix up in the smoke spilling from the West Works. Shock quickly turns to panic as Morella and Lotho, astride Ambrosia, sprint the 5 or so blocks between the Market district and Godsway Tenements, now a stampede of terrified hundreds surging away from what their frantic overtures now concur- the Red Curse.

An Old Woman's Hands
Morella heals Tonerus' landlady, and learns a lesson...
Death, Taxes, and Lady Vega
The city's new tax code comes out...
Back into Town
Morella, Marcellus' "sister", tours Vega with a young escort...

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