Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

Day on the Town
An eventful journey into Vega
The Wolf Returns...
Jahari journeys South, Marcellus is ambushed by Wolves
Back to the Crone
Suspicions, and Baba Yaga opens for business

Leaving the Trade Consortium with Larry’s curious note, Marcellus and Jahari cross the Circle back into the Foreign Quarter. With the witch’s vending license in hand, Marcellus decides it is time to pay Baba Yaga a visit…

In the Name of the Prophet...
The privilege of skin comes to Vega

Marcellus and Jahari, at his request, leave the lunch at Knot Bread and take to the side streets.

The Great Plenipotentiary
Celebration turns somber, an alliance...

The party celebrates the return of Knot Bread and Floajh Modestre, faces the signs of the times in the form of a caravan attack by goblins and kobolds loyal to the troll chieftain Trawn; and the DDC appears to the party in the midst of their festivities via Lucius Arcus, revealing the power of the incarnate lodestones to turn back the Red Curse in Vega; Arcus would leave after presenting Marcellus with a sealed letter from the Mage Princes of Glantri, telling her that to open and accept the letter’s contents is to join the Plenipotentiary, the greatest alliance of nations ever, to counter the Master’s entente. He then departs, leaving much to ponder.

Memento of Events
The story unfolds from the end, life on the compound...

DM’s note: without the campaign aboard the the Habrok concluded, and with such an expanse of time in between sessions, I opted for a different approach; to return the players to home, AKA the halfling compound in Hillock Village, and then “Terrantino” the events of the campaign, the coming of the Storm Soldiers, the defense of the Habrok by Verdigris and his crew, and the bid for resurrection by the undead nation of Taymor and its dark immortal… On with the show…

8/1/ AC 1200- Marcellus, Galenraug, and Jahari are met leaving their chambers by Ez Bád smërî (dwarven for head butler or literally greater servant) Magnolia Geodwell, whose role supervising the household and reconnaissance of Vega continues in light of Larro (Larry) Bloodbourne’s continuing service to Toran Meditor at the Trade Consortium. She gives Lady Vega her familiar, battered red leather folio with the events of the compound, the town and city, and the countryside at large. It is conspicuous that Tonerus is missing from the group… (First flashback to the Habrok)

7/15/AC1200- Marcellus, still in Galenraug’s body, perceives the end of Edgar and the great daemon’s battle above deck, but as to the outcome she is uncertain. From six decks below, in what can only be described as a temple transplanted right into the airship’s engine section, she picks up the faintest fallout of a deteriorating magical emanation, at the same time as the battle’s end. Galenraug meanwhile continues to divide his attention between the surviving members of Dandy Troll Company and the massive rend in the hull door, where earlier the enraged, breath-drinking “red spirit of rage” that was once Briandhol had forced its way in and proceeded to attack the party. Hercule Duchamp, the Company’s linguist and cultural aficionado, lay lifeless under his cloak as second-in-command sergeant Dargrave (succeeding an MIA Adelard Mohrgsbane) and Vanir priest Tephis worked feverishly on the emaciated Freder, demolitions man of the Company and the second victim of the red rage spirit’s “breath-drinking” attack.

Dandy Trolls
The party crosses mutual allies, discover loyalties

Galenraug (with Marcellus in tow) positioned himself under the wreckage of the ventilation duct, against the left wall. With a scroll of improved invisibility and a Metamagic stave, Tonerus and Tephis splayed themselves against the opposite wall.

The 3 patrolling soldiers, all in brown and green cloth and leathers and sporting camouflaged cloaks for forestry, all approached slowly and fanned out, one each to a wall and the close-shaved leader taking point position at the middle of the hallway.

Crossed Purposes

Now occupying Edric’s body, Marcellus, Tephis, and Tonerus take stock of their situation. Limited in her abilities as a possessor, Marcellus must rely on the door warden to work her magic. Tonerus, already reeling from injuries and depleted spells, is approaching the end of his usefulness. And Tephis, whose clerical powers come from Vanya’s Rest and depend upon the Starheart as a simulacrum, is almost powerless as the Storm Soldiers claim each section of the chapel.

Astral Flotsam
The party breaks up, returns to Mystara

Lady returns to the Astral Plane and the Leomund’s Hut, bearing an interesting correspondence from the Material Plane. A partially wilted red sunflower from the garden and an illustrated letter were both in the panther’s jowls. The artwork is that of Junior’s, and portrays four heroes, Marcellus, Edgar, Tonerus and Galenraug, flying into battle against an enormous hawk (the Habrok).

Continuing their navigation of the Astral Plane, Marcellus and Brïndœl were able to convert a piece of Astral drift matter into a makeshift raft, with Marcellus’ unique “staff” providing propulsion. The staff would become a subject of guarded conversation, as would Glantri and Tonerus in particular, the state of immortal worship, each other’s personal beliefs, and ultimately the reason for faith when so much of the world continued to fail. In the midst of this heady talk, another whirl spell from a plane with a verdurous jungle opened several hundred yards to the East. Large chunks of earth, covered with rainforest flora and even a stepped pyramid, were ejected into the Astral current.

Last Rites

After their passionate time together, Galenraug and Lady Vehá rose from one of the auxiliary chambers of the town center to learn of the upcoming reading of Lady Ledeïa’s will. Their conversation quickly shifted to that of the family lineage, Ledeia’s wishes for her internment, and the fact that “Sir” had utterly circumvented them. It was revealed, shortly after Ledeïa’s passing, that the Darokinian executor of the estate was almost immediately at hand to notify Sir of 11th-hour changes to the will. He was noticeably furious, as Nala had observed and told to Lady Vehá. Consequently, Ledeïa had been neither cremated nor given a private ceremony, going against her will and causing the executor to pursue litigation against Sir, also in keeping with Ledeia’s own personal instructions. Lady Vehá informed Galenraug that they had used the concealment of the casket to ceremoniously remove Ledeia’s feet, the tips of her ears, and some of her hair for cremation and internment in Alfheim, the resting place she’d chosen and Sir had flouted.

Nala and Gālen almost immediately sought Lady Vehá and Galenraug once they finished their talk and agreed to attend the reading, as apparently the Darokinian executor insisted they (Vehá and Nala) be present as per Ledeïa’s instructions.


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