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  • Vengeance of the Deathcross

    h6. History
    Legacy Weapon As a legacy weapon, the abilities of the sword are linked to the land of Nogard in the uncharted Dread Seas, and it's tie to the Chromatic Dragon Empire that once ruled Mystara millenia ago. The weapon is …

  • Shadow Ring of the Night Stalker

    Belonging to the Night Stalker's (deceased) summoner when it was last summoned in AC 1191, the origin of the ring is unknown. At the least, the owner of the ring has the ability to turn shadow-based creatures, counter or turn shadow-subtype spells, and …

  • Trees of Life

    Historically, the Elven race once existed as fey children, nurtured by the spirits of the Sylvan Realm, a timeless land beyond the material plane. 10 are known to still exist, in various states of the Diminishing. As the magic of Mystara weakens, the …

  • Sword of Karameikos

    This weapon's true powers are known only to the great Alphatian mage Terari, who forged it for the Royal house, and the true rulers of Karameikos. The annals of Karameikos, from Stefen I "The Hermit" of AC 901 to King Lucien III of AC 1161, is …

  • Dark Nithian Blade

    Created from shards of black glass-like crystal from the Later Kingdom Era, the Dark (or Sorcerous) Pharoces of Nithia. Charged with Necrocarnate energy, these monoliths were the worship foci of the entropic cults that overwhelmed Nithia in its final days …

  • Welcome

    Every campaign gets an Adventure Log, a blog for your adventures! While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it's not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog! The Adventure Log will allow you to …

  • Session 2/26/14

    Marcellus and Jahari await Galenraug's return before traveling back to Vega. Arachmenelos returns from the North with tidings; a murder in the Foreign Quarter of Vega has been tied to Galenraug. The victim is one of the members of the newly instated …

  • The Curse of Nithia

    The session begins with a haggard-looking Galenraug picking his way through a mountainous dungeon. (Quick Note: dropped into it with otherwise no background by the DM as to what he's after, the character hasn't been played in 3 real-world years, but …

  • The Uninvited Guest

    __When last we left our heroes....__

    The Elf community rejoiced in the arrival of Prince Penndragon and Lady Azul's three children. Through the day, friends and family are received and celebration commences in open-air shelters and pavilions …

  • Not"Our" Marcellus...

    Brendellari, Tonerus, and Galenraug continued to the wizard's laboratory from the breakfast table and their guarded conversation with Marcellus. A gap of 6-months, Marcellus' dire changes, and the course of action going forward were all shared.

  • Down a Staircase, Darkly...

    Interposing with the Man in Red as the critically injured fiend returns to Baator, Marcellus finds herself standing in a volcanic waste, atop a staircase spiraling both upwards and downwards into infinity.

  • The Rich Sun

    The Elven staff of the compound plan for the Alyánor, or Rich Sun Festival.

  • Falling through the First

    Marcellus walks the blasted plane of Avernus, views the spawning pits of the First, and comes face to face with an aspect of Tiamat. She frees the red dragon head, Delan’s father, from the Chimeric creatures neck, then sends her hurtling down into the …

  • Join or Die!

    An impromptu meeting at Knotbread by Marcellus, Brendellari, and Valine to discuss her visions of the "Nightmare World" is interrupted by the ambitions of a party of patrons. Recognizing Marcellus, the three Regency councilmen of Princip, Radis, and Mabró …

  • A Bronze Bullet & A Gold Ring

    Galenraug begins his fast and Elven revery for Brendellari, committing the __Antatas Ihaw__, the giving of ears (also meaning 'dedicated listening', it is here used literally and ironically), cutting from his right ear and offering it to the sepulcher of …

  • "They"...

    The three travelers in Temporal Prime espy the growing maelstrom on the horizon of Mystara's lifeline, as countless alternate Mystara's reverberate in and out in the aperture of their vessel. The Hengeyokai, or more affectionately the "Birdman", from his …

  • 100 Years in the Writing...

    The children go about their noonday training with Master Lockart; the grunts, cries, and grimaces of pain at rapped shins and knuckles in the courtyard can be heard from the window where a line figure sits entranced. Straining, focused upon Harley's …

  • Last Rites

    After their passionate time together, Galenraug and Lady Vehá rose from one of the auxiliary chambers of the town center to learn of the upcoming reading of Lady Ledeïa's will. Their conversation quickly shifted to that of the family lineage, Ledeia's …

  • Astral Flotsam

    Lady returns to the Astral Plane and the Leomund's Hut, bearing an interesting correspondence from the Material Plane. A partially wilted red sunflower from the garden and an illustrated letter were both in the panther's jowls. The artwork is that of …

  • Crossed Purposes

    Now occupying Edric's body, Marcellus, Tephis, and Tonerus take stock of their situation. Limited in her abilities as a possessor, Marcellus must rely on the door warden to work her magic. Tonerus, already reeling from injuries and depleted spells, is …

  • Dandy Trolls

    Galenraug (with Marcellus in tow) positioned himself under the wreckage of the ventilation duct, against the left wall. With a scroll of improved invisibility and a Metamagic stave, Tonerus and Tephis splayed themselves against the opposite wall. The …

  • Memento of Events

    DM's note: without the campaign aboard the the __Habrok__ concluded, and with such an expanse of time in between sessions, I opted for a different approach; to return the players to home, AKA the halfling compound in Hillock Village, and then "Terrantino" …

  • The Great Plenipotentiary

    The party celebrates the return of Knot Bread and Floajh Modestre, faces the signs of the times in the form of a caravan attack by goblins and kobolds loyal to the troll chieftain Trawn; and the DDC appears to the party in the midst of their festivities …

  • Come back inn

    Awakening from their "private" moment together, Galenraug explains to Marcellus the nature of the room they occupy; it is a safe room created from the Wellspring, the demiplane and incarnate battery built of the unified spirits and wills of the Mavericks …

  • Flashback #1: Habrok Conclusion

    As Marcellus prepares to depart to the Dragoneye estate and implement Duke Osser in a conspiracy against New Thonia, her mind returns to Calen, and the last adventure they shared, the airship __Habrok__: __DM's note: we finally resolved what exactly …

  • Habrok Flashback Part 2: Priestess Tasha

    ...Marcellus is finally reunited with her body, as the Star of the Order vies with the now purified White Star of Vanya, and the control of the Star over the __Habrok__ is weakened. Verdigris, revealed in a vision to Marcellus to be (unknowingly) the son …

  • Do No Harm

    __Tonerus dispelled the overloading voidstone, casting a disjunction into the breach. The air tore open, snarling intertwined energies formed an umbilicus between the Glantrian's outstretched hand and the pulsing stone. He was speaking, shouting into a …

  • Smoke in the Cloisters

    As they prepare to leave the Trade Consortium, Lotho and "Lady Vega" are rocked by a series of tremors that run through the city. They get clear of the Circle and into the open city long enough to see a plume of dust and smoke begin to rise from the …

  • The Tree Withers

    Marcellus and Jahari, leaving the Godsway tenements and the Man in Gold, take note of his foreign allies with their carriages arrayed around his home. In the Godsway Proper, they encounter mass ceremonies and rites, processions, and a mass oath of …

  • Mausillus' Vision

    Mausillus "dies" as Morella desperately fights off the two Yochlol that come to take him away to the Pits. In the final moments, an aspect of Lolth attempts to tempt Marcellus' fiendish half away from her charge. Failing that, she overpowers Morella and …

  • Celebration and Mourning

    Festivity to commemorate the sign of Bellgold breaks out in the temple, and Bella leads a large consummation ritual (read: Bachalava) that goes into the wee hours of the night. The flood that spilled out of the temple restored those injured by the …

  • Blade of Oblivion

    The Summer Solstice celebrations are about to commence. Both members of the Black Stockings and the Regency attend Marcellus' festivity at her estate. Galenraug and Tonerus intervene in what they think on is an attempt on Marcellus' life- the real threat …

  • The Eyes of Leviathan

    Receiving a true name of a soldier devil recovered in the North Reaches, the results of a long operation by the rogue aspect Chevalier and the Arcane Edge's Gogeles and Shifter-XIII, Marcellus prepares to go directly to the source against the influx of …

  • Home Page

    !(media-item-align-left){width:50px;height:50px;}//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/300360/mystara-font-m-logo2.jpg?1393361306(mystara-font-m-logo2.jpg)! h4. Red Arrow, Black Shield h6.

  • Main Page

    h6. Campaign World: Mystaran Multiverse/ D&D Omniverse
    h6. Game Editions: 2eAD&D (1994-2000), 3e/3.5e D&D (2000-2011), Pathfinder 3.5e (2011-Present), D20Hero (2012-Present
    h6. Main Settings: h6. In and around …

  • Glantri

    h4. __Glantri, Principalities of______ [[File:400051 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] Timeline

  • A Timeline of Mystara

    h4. __The Record of Events, as intimated through the divinations of scholars, and the emerging sciences of this approaching age of reason__ h6. AC 1197, Gallidox Publishing House of Darokin
    B.C 200,000- the Brute-men, __hominid__ hunter- …

  • Vega

    h5. __Vega, City-State of__________ h6. Location: Known World, Southeast of [[Glantri]], West of [[Rockhome]], Bordering [[Karameikos]] and [[Darokin]] in the Cruth Mts. h6. Founded: AC 1017 (Barony), AC 1194 (Regency) h6.

  • Mystara

    h2. __Mystara-Urt__ h4. __Class-E spherical body__ h6. Radius: 6,198 mi Mass: 2.8 x 10^23 kg Volume: Rotational Period: 24 hours Orbit Period: 336.19801995 days Axial Tilt: 24° Credit goes to the …

  • New Thonia

    h5. New Thonia, Golden Empire of_________________ [[File:550534 | class=media-item-align-center | image.png]] h6. Timeline Location:

  • Brun

    h3. __North-Western Continent__ h6. Northern Brun, The Northern Reaches •[[Denagoth]] •[[Heldann]] •Ostland •Sodjerford •Vestland •[[Wendar]] •[[Norwold]] •Ghyr •Western Alliance •Wyrmsteeth
    Eastern Brun, The "Known World"

  • Sojourners

    Organization h5. Roster:
    h6. Founding Members:Prince Delan Prowbak •[[Nerroe Gallivan]] •[[Frodus Vert]] •


    h4. __Darokin, Republic of________ [[File:401319 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h6. Timeline Location: South-central Brun, West of Rockhome, …

  • Elves of Mystara

    h5. Elves of Mystara h6. Mystaran elves mingle freely with the other races throughout the Known world. They are well known for their poetry, dance, song, lore, and, especially, their magical arts in the Known World, everyone "knows" that even …

  • Immortals

    h6. What It's All About: The Spheres Comprising the entirety of the Mystaran multiverse are the Four Spheres, set against the Sphere out of phase. Those Four Spheres, set within this current Age of Life, are Matter, Energy, Time, and Thought. …

  • Cast

    h6. The Players (Past and Present)
    *Denotes characters that began as NPC's but later became PC's.
    Anju Argo Deathcross Arichi Aru Mythor Ashrava Asmeus Aurora Valikan Blobsome Brendellari Brothers Gith Brothers Grimm Bocaj …

  • Bestiary

    h5. A Bestiary of Mystara
    h6. Naming Conventions
    [[Mystaran Dragons]]
    Evolution versus Creation
    Mystaran Bestiary [[Actaeon]] Afflicted Template Crypt Thing Dwarves, Mystaran


    h6. Over TimeAncient Civilizations
    Planet Shift-The Rain of Fire
    The 3 Continents
    [[ …

  • immortal template page

    h5. Immortal Name
    h6. __Immortal Alternate Names__

  • Mystaran Dragons

    h6. Children of the Great One Dragons of Mystara are initially much more animalistic than on other Prime Material Planes. Most are unable even to speak other languages, only a guttural dragon tongue that sounds more like wild speech to the …

  • Karameikos

    h5. Karameikos, Duchies of_____
    [[File:398016 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h6. Timeline h6. Location: South- …

  • Thyatis

    h4. Thyatis, Res Publica Imperium__ [[File:550523 | class=media-item-align-center | image.jpeg]] h6. Timeline Location: Southeastern Brun, West of

  • Alphatia

    h4. Alphatia, United Nation of_____ h6. Timeline Founded: BC 1000 (Imperial Alphatia), AC 1012 ([[NACE]]) Population: approx 8,000,000 (6,000,000 [[Alphatia Mainland]], 2,000,000 [[NACE]]) Capital: Ionace ([[NACE …

  • 5 Shires

    h5. __Five Shires, Land of_______ [[File:398028 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] Timeline

  • Mechanus

    h6. It is the plane of ultimate law and order where the souls of people of lawful neutral alignment go after death. Mechanus operates on a strict schedule where every action is planned, measured and controlled perfectly. It is home to the construct-like …

  • Mystaran Multiverse

    h6. Inner Planes: •Prime Material Plane •Astral Plane •Ethereal Plane •Limbo •Elemental Planes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)
    Of Note: •Mystara possesses no energy planes, Positive or Negative. The energy for such powers is drawn through …

  • Rockhome

    h4. __Rockhome, Dwarf Kingdom of_________________

  • Heldann

    h4. __Heldann, Freeholds of_________ [[File:399742 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h5. The Free Heldannic Nortlundrs of Haldis h6. Timeline Location: Northeastern Brun, North of Heldannic Order, East of Denagoth, West of …

  • Heldann Timeline

    7000 BC: Expansion of the boreal ice sheet covered Heldann. 3135 BC: Dragons disappeared from the Norwold coastline. 3000 BC: The Great Rain of Fire ushers in a mini-Ice Age, with Imperial Blackmoor as Mystara's new North Pole. The Skandaharians, …

  • Karameikos Timeline

    BC 1500: The Nithian culture climbs to its greatness in the lands today known as Ylaruam. One colonial expedition, led by the Nithian wizard-priest Traldar, travels southwest to the lands now known as Karameikos. Traldar creates the Eyes of Traldar ( …

  • Minrothad

    Minrothad, Trade Guilds of_____ [[File:398099 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]]

  • Aengmor

    h4. __Aengmor, Colony of______ [[File:398187 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]]

  • Ylaruam

    h4. __Ylaruam, Emmirates of____ [[File:398091 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]]

  • Fist of Hattias

    h4. __Fist of Hattias_________ [[File:398432 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h5. Organization

  • Norwold

    h4. __Norwold, Kingdom of______ [[File:401661 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] Timeline h6. Founded: Population: Capital: Alpha Primary Settlements: [[Landfall]]

  • Norwold Timeline

    efore BC 3,000: At this time Norwold isn't found at modern latitudes, but it's located north of the Empire of Blackmoor, in a subarctic and temperate area filled with mountains and luxuriant forests. Many races live in this virgin land, more or less in …

  • Skothar

    h3. __Northeastern Continent__ h6. Northern Skothar •Thothia •Nentsun •Skandahar
    Western Skothar •[[New Thonia]] •Esterhold
    Central Skothar •Dalung-Quo, Empire of the Great Khan •Jennite Holdings

  • Landfall

    h4. __Landfall__ h6. City
    Timeline Location: Northern Kamminer Bay, [[Norwold]], Northeast [[Brun]] Population: 35,000

  • The Lost Empires

    Here resides all the knowledge that remains of these past civilizations:
    •Brute-Men, the cave dwellers and tool-makers, unknown •Davanian "Unclean Ones", Monolith Culture, date unknown •[[Lhomarria]], The First Human Kingdom, circa BC 10, …

  • Bellgold

    h5. Bellgold
    h6. __The Romancer, the All-Lover, The Lucky Shot__
    Nature: Dead Immortal, formerly initiate of Thought
    Symbol: A consummate __V__ with a diamond set in the base

  • Dragon, Night

    h6. Night Dragons are chaotic dragons that have become the undead servants of Immortals in the Sphere of Entropy. They are sometimes sent to the Prime Material Plane on missions for their masters. For example, after the destruction of Oceania, Synn (a …

  • Ixion

    h5. Ixion
    [[File:487852 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h6. Nature: Hierarch, Sphere of Energy
    Symbol: A flaming wheel
    Interests:sun, fire, power, heroism, war, light, banishing …

  • Vanya

    h5. Vanya
    h6. __Immortal Alternate Names__
    Nature: Dormant Immortal (Formerly Empyrial) of Matter
    Symbol: Crossed blades over a spear (when active), crossed blades over a lady in repose under a mountain …

  • Denagoth

    h4. Denagoth, Neo-Essuria [[File:469162 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h6. Timeline Location: Continent of [[Brun]], north …

  • Davania

    h4. Davania h5. Southern Continent h6. Northern Davania Oceania Ochalea Pearl Islands City States Addakia Jungle Coast Thanegioth Amalur
    Western Davania Nogard Izonda Pelatan Brasol
    Eastern Davania …

  • Davania Map

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