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  • Bellgold

    h5. Bellgold
    h6. __The Romancer, the All-Lover, The Lucky Shot__
    Nature: Dead Immortal, formerly initiate of Thought
    Symbol: A consummate __V__ with a diamond set in the base

  • Ixion

    h5. Ixion
    [[File:487852 | class=media-item-align-none | image.jpg]] h6. Nature: Hierarch, Sphere of Energy
    Symbol: A flaming wheel
    Interests:sun, fire, power, heroism, war, light, banishing …

  • Vanya

    h5. Vanya
    h6. __Immortal Alternate Names__
    Nature: Dormant Immortal (Formerly Empyrial) of Matter
    Symbol: Crossed blades over a spear (when active), crossed blades over a lady in repose under a mountain …

  • Demetrius

    h5. Demetrius
    h6. __Son of Two Perditions, Son of Baal, Union of Blood__
    Nature: Initiate of Entropy
    Symbol: a black scythe with wings protruding from the handle
    Interests: Promoting …

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