Karameikos, Duchies of_____

Location: South-central Brun, East of the 5 Shires, North of Minrothad, West of Thyatis, South of Darokin
Founded: A.C. 900 (Thyatian Prefecture of Traladara), A.C. 970 (Duchy of Karameikos), A.C. 1006 (Kingdom of Karameikos), A.C. 1166 (Republic of Thyacosia), AC 1200 (Duchy of Karameikos, Black Eagle Barony, Independent City States)
Population: approx 1,200,000 (98% human, 1% Elven, 1% Other)
Capital: Specularum/Mirros (Karameikos), Fort Doom (Black Eagle)
Regions: Kelvin, Sulescu, Marlinev, Riflian, Highforge, Radlebb, Dymrak, Pennhaligan, Riverfork
Government: Regency Counsel (Mirros), Monarchical Despotism (Black Eagle), Feudalism (Independent Baronies, Holy Protectorate of Kelvin, Duchy of Marlinev)

Important People: Lady Defender of the Realm Anita Korrigan, Prince Victor Devon Hyraksos, Duke Stefen IV of Marlinev, The Black Eagle Baron, Flameflicker the Thief-king of Karameikos, The Wolf King of Radlebb

Currently Happening, 8/1200:

Karameikan Crown Loyalists, with the aid of the Torenescu and other lesser Traladaran families shutting down the ports and shipyards, have begun the siege of Specularum and the incumbent Thyacosian regime. The rest of the fractured country watches and waits, while Marlinev and it’s Prince-playing-at-King, Count Stefen Marlinev IV, hold back the strength of their family guard, intent to attack the survivors. The Loyalists are aware of the deathwatch hanging over the campaign, and look to their allies at sea, the Minrothadi and Ierendian schooners to stop Marlinev if he attempts his sweep.

The Barony of Halag slips back into all-too-familiar tyranny in this interregnum, as a new, self-proclaimed (and masked) Black Eagle Baron has appeared, and already the border Shires have been scoured for plunder and chattel. Orc and Gnoll press gangs conscript whole villages. Refugees have fled to nearby city-states and set up Hin communities in Threshold, Penhagolan and Vega. The baronies remain independent and uncommitted to reunification, until the Hattian fascists in the capital are driven out and some evidence of succession is presented. A crown and Karameikan heraldry mean nothing to the city-states without both victory and mandate. That mandate, the Sword of Karameikos, was firmly in the hand of the Black Eagle, bleeding the West.

Unable to mount a full-scale attack on the Black Eagle with the armies of the Crown crucially needed for the siege, Anita, Victor, and their companions took to the Old Westron Road, in the name of drumming up support from the country’s neglected heartland- the oppressed peoples of Halag who would hopefully give them aide. Meanwhile, agents of the Black Eagle, tipped off by a seditious member of the Royalist council, placed themselves to intercept them, and eliminate the true heirs of Karameikos. In a series of confrontations on the Duke’s Road and in Kelvin, the Companions learned the depths of the Black Eagle’s patronage- the barons of the heartlands could not be trusted, and so the party sought the protection of the Church of Karameikos and the Protector of the Realm’s Faith, Lord Kelvin.

hard-pressed after their confrontation against baronial agents, and with no aide able to be spared outside its walls by Lord Kelvin and the Order of the Griffin, Anita and the Companions of the Lake made their way to the haunted ruins of Korizegy Keep at the summons of the mysterious Thieves’ Court, and its legendary leader, Flame-flicker. With the entreaty came promise of aid, and revelations of long-sought after relics of the past- the Sword of Halav, the Shield of Petra, and the Bow of Zirchev. This meeting was no chance, and the immortal enemies of the Traldar Trinity took notice, attempting to strangle their efforts at returning their artifacts into the hands of a new generation of faithful.


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