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Historical Periods of Mystara

Epoch of Urt:

Age of Elementals-

Age of Beasts

Age of Serpents-

1st Ice Age

<u>First Age of Man</u>

Old Stone Age

New Stone Age

1st Age of Bronze

1st Age of Iron

1st Imperial Age

Blackmoor Era:

Colonial Age

Age of Uther

Imperial Blackmoor

Rain of Fire (BC 3000)

Age Under the Fire (approx. BC 3000- BC 2000)

Also called the Planet Shift, the Dark Ages, or the Wasting, this was marked by the visibility of the temporal maelstrom surrounding Blackmoor. This anomaly was still visible anywhere above the 165° parallel.

2nd Ice Age (BC 3000- last internal seas empty in BC 1800)

Age of Reclamation (BC 2700- BC 2300)

2nd Classical Age (BC 2300- 1800)

Fall of Taymor, Rise of Traldar (BC 1800- BC 1000)

Modern Era:

Alphatian Landfall (BC 1000- 500)

Fall of Nithia, Rise of Thyatis (BC 500-BC 0)

Thyatian Expansion

Age of Colonization (AC 800-1000)

Age of the Known World (AC 1000- Present)

Welcome to the Come Back Inn

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