Red Arrow, Black Shield


يبارك سيد
تناول السيف
النار تطهير
من الشرق إلى الغرب
رثة مصر
الايمان الحقيقي واحد
Praise to Bozdagon!
Praise to the immortal Master!
Death to Darokin!
Death to the Daro facade!

-Sindian graffiti on the Umbarth Trade Hall of Akesoli, Darokin

…The Master of Sind is in league with powers not of this world. We have learned that he has entered on the perilous path to immortality. The balance of forces is delicate. Glantri is not able to intervene directly, and the Radiant Dusk portends the Master’s fell pacts. This calamity seems not to touch him or his allies. Even now, his emissaries are traveling to the courts of the continents to negotiate with the various realms. He is telling the neighboring rulers that his only territorial ambitions are Darokin, and that once he conquers Darokin, he will live in peace forever with his neighbors…No one wants war. Of course, we know that the Master is without honor…Sind’s dark immortal Bozdagon calls for the Sea of Flames to spread it’s purging fire from desert to desert, from here to Ylaruam. But even the failing magicks of this world return a prophecy, of the Master’s defeat, in open combat, “before the Black Door opens”…

-Conseiller Grandiose Laran, chief advisory of the Mage-Princes of Glantri

People want to blame Glantri’s magic for this war. They want to blame the One True Faith and religion for the war. They want to blame Thyatis not swooping in for this war. Or Darokin for being Darokin; shrewd and ambitious. don’t blame countries, faiths or ideas for war. Blame people. People start wars. An idea never drew a sword or blew up a temple or rotted the world. People all did that. Now excuse me, I must return to my duties. As you were.

-Chief Inspector Stefen Maevik, City-state of Vega

Year 1200 After Crowning, Year of the Tiger in Autumn…

Hule is hungry, it’s jaws distended to swallow all of the East. This time there is no unified Ispanan Confederation, no Western Defense League, and no mighty works of Glantrian, Alphatian, or any magic to stop it. And it’s master, THE Master, will burn all of Brun and it’s pagans in holy fire called back from the Old World. All to vouchsafe the final paradise of Bozdagon, the paradise for all followers of the One True Faith.

Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield