Erridon Alaka

High Mage of Stygia, Eyes of Levistus


Male Advanced Gelugon LE of Levistus (Leviathan)

Large outsider (lawful, evil, Baatezu)


Small and lank by the standards of his species, Erridon Alaka is a Gelugon Baatezu (Ice Devil), resembling a great, 8-foot tall praying mantis with a cobalt exoskeleton, two sets of humanoid hands always carrying wand, stave, and viewing orb, and a flesh-stitched robe from many donors, bearing soul-inked tattoos of fiendish truenames and warding runes. The carapace of Alaka is carved with many maleficium contingency spells, hexes and curses, written in blood and bound with fiendish spirits. He is never far from the cover of his amnizu bodyguards or fiendishly grafted mortal slaves, who tirelessly trail him like hounds.

The Noble Baatezu has served the Great Stygian Glacier for eons with his spy networks of paeliryons, disaffected nobility, and outer planar agents, known as Retrievers, led in the field by his half-fiend son, the assassin Xanth.

Alaka’s presence in Mystara has been felt by the appearance of Pact-Devils and plane-touched assassins loyal to the Retrievers. His summoning symbol is that of a set of mantis pincers clenched around a stave, surmounted by two blue, slitted eyes (those of the “Eyes of Leviathan”)

Erridon Alaka

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