Adëlard Mōhrgsbane

Leader of the Dandy Troll Company


Male Human (Haldlundr) CG of Vanya/Sif

Medium humanoid (human) Rgr/Ftr/Rge


•His family name is derived from the claimed slaying of the Strondborg Terror, a mohrg said to haunt the nearby barrows of the town. Adelard’s progenitor and the reputed slayer of the monster, Siefried Altenman, took the surname of Mohrg’s Bane in AC 902, and after the end of native serfdom following Haldis’ independence in AC 1030, was adopted as the family name when additive last names fell from fashion among the Northern free people.

•He wears as a family heirloom, around his waist, a tanned sash of sinewy-looking fibers, claiming it to be the tongue of the Strondborg Terror- a defining feature of a mohrg is its long, barbed tongue used to catch victims.

•Rank of captain in Haldis military. He is a member of the Wolves of Altenvald, the paramilitary organization of Free Haldis that answers only to the King’s Counsel of Haldisval. Originally the freedom fighters of Altenwald against the Heldannic occupation, with Free Haldis’ independence these veterans, and the sword nobility that succeeded them, became the elite agents of the Crown. Opened up in later years to a meritocracy, the Wolves accepted outside warriors, but only the best of native stock. This last point was largely flouted by Adelard in the forming of his own squad, as his missions took him far into the Northern mountains and the borders of the kingdom, allowing him a large degree of autonomy. Only he and Dargrave, his second-in-command, are native Haldlundrs. The rest are specialists bearing a smattering of many different nationalities.

•His Wolf squad, known as the Dandy Troll Company (referring to an acting troop and not the formal military unit of 100), is an elite “Troll Killer Squad”, operating on the fringes of civilization and working to undermine external threats. This includes, but is not limited to, the prodigious troll and giant populations on the mountainous borders of Free Haldis.

Adëlard Mōhrgsbane

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