Black Eagle Baron

The once and future tyrant of Karameikos


Masked and indiscernible since his retainers took Halag in the fall of AC 1199, the new Black
Eagle Baron is possessed of an air of privilege and mandate to rule. With the weapon identified as the Sword of Karameikos in his hands, the Black Eagle has declared himself the rightful ruler of all of Karameis Traladara.

Though it is uncertain who he is, it has been believed to be exceedingly unlikely that this Masked Black Eagle is in fact THE Black Eagle Baron, Ludwig Von Hendriks. For one, he would be a human of over 200 years age at this point; while he was versed enough in magic to use it for his own ends, and availed himself of the coldly effective Mage, Bargle the Infamous, as his court advisor, Ludwig himself made no bids in his younger years to extend his life unnaturally, and was well on 70+ years of age when he was last seen, in the presence of Hulean handlers, in AC 1027. To not only reverse, but then indemnify his aging process, is an unlikely move for Hendriks. Also, as a practical point made by many who read about the Black Eagle- and there is plenty to read about, Ludwig has become a veritable literary pastiche of himself in popular pulp novellas, plays, and other works across Karameikos- he would never wear a mask to cover his face, which he regarded as very handsome, and went to the efforts of tannings, skin treatments, and hair dying.

The Siege of Specularum
Observing from afar the Royalist retaking of Specularum from the Thyacosian Regime, the Black Eagle and his Eastern army were already garrisoned in Büyük Liman in Southern Karameikos, having used the installed Sindhian port to embark from Malpheggi and land in Hattian-controlled Lumine Port, immediately moved on the flank of beleaguered Royalists before they could fully recover or fortify the damaged defenses of the city. With full-on 80,000 people clamoring behind its walls, Specularum prepared for a siege.

Humanoid and human soldiers, marching in 4 columns and supplemented with Sindhian cavalry and siege engines, encircled the Western walls. The Masked Eagle rode in the front, Orc chieftain, Sindhian captain and Huleam emmisary at his sides. With a wave of the Sword of Karameikos, the bombardment of the city began. An immediate call for parley and negotiation went out to the leaders of the Royalists, namely commanders Devon Hyrakos and Anita Korrigan, now revealed as dual claimants to the crown. The terms of the agreement were leveled directly at them both- full denunciation of their lines and a formal acceptance by the reconvened Council of Lavv, consenting to his ascendency, will guarantee the safety of all inside and an end of the war. The Thyacosian party, Hendriks’ puppets, were impotent and beaten without his Sindhian backers. They will be duly surrendered, and the Orc host will return to the West to trouble the people of Karameikos no more. With these terms in hand, the councils of the Royal faction pondered their next move while the Black Eagle sat confident, holding every advantage…

To provoke a final combat with Anita and the other members of the Long Roads, the Masked Eagle and his Hulean consigliere, the dervish Alddarawish Kabira, sought to draw “Lucia” out into the open by threatening her allies- citing a spy in the midst of the party, he promised to visit suffering and death on every friend and ally they encountered on their journey. Naming even innocuous acquaintances, specifically the farming couple that housed her when she first started her Shearing journey, the Masked Eagle seemed to make well on his threats.

Black Eagle Baron

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