Captain Victor Devon Hyraksos

A Prince of Karameikos


Male human CG of Minroth/Petra

Medium humanoid (human) swashbuckler/adept


By right of succession he is 2nd in line to the throne of Karameikos by way of his ancestor, King/ 1st Steward Victor Hyraskos, the husband of Queen Adriana I.

Born in AC 1178 under another name to protect him from the incumbent powers in Karameikos, “Vidik Kerrigan” grew up as a cabin boy indentured out to the Minrothadi schooner M.T.G.S. Aribelle.

It was during his apprenticeship on the Aribelle that Vidik was first exposed to the terrible conflicts between the pirate factions and the Minrothad Trade Guilds. In his first naval engagement at age 15 against the pirate runner Sea-wolf, Vidik discovered his improvisational knack and quick-wittedness in rescuing his fellow crewmembers from a pirate brig before aiding in the subduing of the leader (though indirectly). The captain’s crew included a sheared Traladaran girl by the name of Lucia Albescu. Their chance meeting was fate, as Vidik narrowly bested the girl in combat, but she evaded his efforts and those of the Aribelle at capture, escaping to free her captain in turn, who set the rudders of the Sea-wolf against the Aribelle and lost the slower galleon in the Pearl Islands.

Captain Victor Devon Hyraksos

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