Cardinal of Numbers

"The Cardinal"

Male human LE

Medium Humanoid (human) psi

A gifted psychic, the full extent of the Cardinal’s powers is not fully comprehended. He has manifested barriers and false thought/alignment reads that have fooled some of the most powerful clerics and priests on Mystara. In being ordained a Cardinal, he went before the archdiocese of the Solar Temple and was able to evade even their prying eyes. He controlled the minds of countless rank and file members of the clergy simultaneously, at one point placing a gease over the basement of the Cruth Abbey to compel everyone there to avoid it. Only one monk and victim, a young Marcellus Vega (at the time an undeveloped Psion of great power) was able to breach this barrier, to her emotional scarification.

The Cardinal constructed an elaborate network of benefactors and confidants, arranging cult-like “fertility rituals” in the basement of the Abbey. It was at this time that he began to summon and converse with the mysterious “many armed man”, an outsider of unknown origin. Whether there of its own volition or bound by the Cardinal, the many-armed man obviously saw a mental peer in him, judging by his repeated returns and courteous, almost supplicating demeanor.

After his initial “death” at the hands of Marcellus following her apotheosis, the Cardinal was able to return, the first indication being the recovery of a ring. When Marcellus, attempting to face her traumatic experiences in the Abbey, was guided by Prince Penndragon into the depths of her own mind, she saw details of the experience all but forgotten initially.

A mysterious warrior, a monk out of the Northeast who explored the remains of the Abbey, approached Marcellus during an informal tournament in Ambyrmont AC 1196 and challenged her to single combat.

Cardinal of Numbers

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