Stefen Maevik

Chief of Vega's Internal Security Force


Expert5/Watch Detective8 CR 10
Init: 5
Hit Dice: 13 (70 hp)
Base Speed: 30 ft
AC: 14 (
1 dexterity, 1 heavy cloak, +2 ring of protection)
Billy Club +9/
4 melee (d6 2 subjual + fort dc 10 vs stun 1 rd, 19-20/x2) unarmed strike +9/4 melee (d3 +2, x2)
Str 12 Con 12 Dex 13 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 11
Skills: knowledge (local), listen, spot, search, sense motive all +16, intimidate +12, knowledge (nature, architecture and engineering, warfare, dungeoneering) all +10, profession (beer maker) +9


•Born in Bellayne, AC 1155

•Attended university at Eusdria and Renardy, studying fields of natural sciences, psychology, and government. Completed 1st Level Degrees in both Natural Sciences and Psychology.

•Graduated from the prestigious Academie de Police of Renardy in AC 1180, one of the first such academies of law enforcement and administration on Mystara.

•Took his knowledge out East to Thyatis, where he helped to train an urban constabulary force and presided as a captain in the Hattian port city of Hatti. Here, he met his future wife, Alba Emiliano; as a female constable in the repressive dominion, she relied on Stefen’s support and backing through her tenure. Pushed out by the politicking nobility that rejected his ‘liberal Traladaran’ philosophies, he and Alba went further inland to the budding new capital of Kerrendas, Thyatia’s successor as the center of it all. Stefen was named a quarter chief in the capital, technically a demotion compared to his previous station, but with better pay and the tolerance of a diverse metropolitan capital.

•Left for the Foreign Quarter of Vega in AC 1191, becoming a trainer and Chief Constable for the city’s watch. His wife has not joined the Vega constabulary, instead joining her father’s budding new legal office in the Square, Emiliano & Emiliano, and focusing on trade law. Her father in fact accepted the post as the first Minister of Attornnent in the new Regency government. Stephen still runs all of his cases past her, “just in case I missed anything”.

•Lives at 22 East Gourd St., in the Foreign Quarter, in a Bellayne-style 1-floor cottage. And in true Bellaynese fashion, takes tea on his porch with Alba every day at 1:00, making sure his schedule always allows it.

Stefen Maevik

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