Dandy Troll company

A Ranger Squad from the Altenwald



Adelard Mohrgsbane
•Captain, Weaponmaster
(Adelard’s personal entry)

•Chaplain, Sergeant
-tall (6’, 200 lbs), brown soldier cut hair, fair skinned; fights with a cutlass and sawed-off arquebus.

Hercule Duchemp (DECEASED)
•Haldis Liason, Linguist
(5’9, 180 lbs), wears a curled Nouvou Renardie waxed mustache. Carries a vest of holding with an endless supply of Sea Shire pipe weed and “medicinal herbage”.
•his personal philology journal and notes are now in the possession of Tonerus Surenot
•"Medicinal Bag of Holding" is now in the possession of Marcellus Vega
•His body was sanctified and his cremated remains turned into a divine material component by the priest Tephis, capable of blocking undead or extraplanar outsiders; undead and evil extraplanar outsiders are compelled not to enter a circle made of the ash. Other applications of the ash are likely, but have not been explored.

Maribōn the Grey Shade
(EX-MEMBER, KOS status)
•Formerly a signaller and huntsman of the Company, now exposed and an ex-member at large marked for kill-on-sight by the rest of the group.
•secretly a cover of Janosz the Grey Rover, an assassin of Landfall (see Janosz’s personal entry)

•Alchemist, “Demolitions”

•Magist, Squad Paramount all things magical


Dandy Troll company

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