Gahiji, Huntsman of Gylgarid

A tracker and hunter of the cult


Male human NE of Gylgarid

Medium humanoid (human) Rgr/Rge/Wiz

•2-weapon fighter
•carried a Dark Nithian dagger- also possess a variation on the dagger, thin crystalline spikes, called “soul needles”, that carry a supernatural rotting curse. Cinnabryl, as demonstrated by Marcellus when one hit her, is able to counteract this effect.
•capable of Per Niter casting

Previously possessed by the spirit of a shaman and chief of an otherworldly human tribe, previously trapped in an ancestral spear in the hut of Baba Yaga. Augmented his fighting abilities when using the spear, now destroyed.

-Was trapped within a gem set in the pommel of the Bel Versē dagger, carried by Marcellus Vega. He was then traded to the Rogue Lotan Aspect, Cavalier, to save Briandhol from reprisal.

-Reappears in the alliance of the Cult and the Knights of the Bronze Chalice, freed from the gem and possessed by an Ur-Enduk demon of Gylgarid.

-visited the Cynidicean in Vega to retrieve an ancient codex, the Requiem of Tarthis. When it was stolen by Marcellus’ companions, he layed siege to In Repose in a failed bid to retrieve the artifact. After the Carnifex guardians of the Requiem were released and began to attack both sides indiscriminately, Gahiji and his surviving followers cut their losses and quickly fled.


Gahiji, Huntsman of Gylgarid

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