Hillock Residents

The Southmost residents of Vega


Citizenry of Hillock

Porinth Hutchkeeper, “Pork Belly”
-farmer from Hillshire in the Old Country. Grows potatoes, yams, carrots, and some small amounts of cereals (barley and rye).
-Born 4/6/AC 1113. Married Prunella Swain, fathering 7 children, numerous grandchildren. His two eldest sons and their families followed him to Hillock, living in an extended hilltop home with a farm cottage.
-living at 15 Stone’s Throw, the row of Hin homes closest to Vega’s southern wall.
-member of the Hobbitry in Arms. He has some militia experience from Hillshire.
-On 1200, he stumbled upon a cache of Western powder weapons, bound for illegal sale in Vega. He’s since “sat upon” his discovery, gathering they may be of some use later on. They did in fact come in handy, as the hobbitry-in-arms employed them to devastating effect against displaced Amsoraki barbarians, driven South during the Spring offensive by the Master’s forces in Darokin. They have now become known as Hillock “Gonne-Oft” brigade.

Sheriffs of Hillock

Deodar Cedrus
-a carpenter and leather worker in Hillock.
-Investor and partial owner of the Gustos Port of Call, a tavern in Hillock.
-bright eyed (green), a long curly mop of sandy blonde hair.
-with Hintor incapacitated following the farmer riot, he has taken over as chief sheriff.
-former Hin Master alongside Hintor, a fellow veteran of the Northern borders.

Deputy Lotho Water-Reed, son of Laburnum
-freckled, ginger hair
-born 7/12/AC 1175
-loves tales about magic
-regarded as over-talkative and head in the clouds by the older Sheriffs.
-Delivers Courier for Hillock.
-Father was a Hin Master and outrider, possessing an innate and empathic bond with his mount. Laburnum passed this skill on to his son.

Sheriff Mansi
-taller (3’4) Hin, exceptional cook

Sheriff Peony
-heavyset Hin, signaler, and very spry for his size

Sheriff Bryony
-particularly skilled at the pipe, very socially outspoken
Poplar poles have been planted at 1/4 mile intervals from the Southern gate of Vega, 5 miles South to Hillock, then another 5 miles south of the Hin village to the beginnings of the Cruth Lowlands. This places 40 poplar trees (about 10-15 feet tall and straight as a line), patrolled by the Sheriffs who use differently-colored braids of rope tied about the trunks to indicate the progress of each shift’s patrol.

Sheriff Attire
Clean, visible garments on the road, a derby or sou’wester with a quail feather tucked in the brim band, some wear non-regulation badges of tin or wood showing their status; taken after the copper badges of the Vega constabulary and catching on in Hillock.

Hillock Residents

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