Hintor Crownvetch

Thane of Hillock


Male Halfling LG of the Hin Heroes

Small humanoid (halfling) Rge/Rgr/Hin Master

As “Blackfoot Curlytop”:

Male Halfling CN of Tilla

Small humanoid (halfling)
Rge/Thief Acrobat

Born in AC 1135, Hintor served as a sheriff and a Hin Master to the Five Shires. With the loss of the Commonwealth’s provincial control over the Hinterlands in AC 1194, the newly minted Black Eagle Baron reconquered Halag, and the nearby Shire settlements on the borders fled. Arriving in the independent city state of Vega, with Hintor named their Thane (mayor/sheriff), the refugee town of Hillock was founded on the road leading North.

Following his traumatic head injury at the Summer Festival Protests in AC 1200, Hintor was catatonic for days.

When he recovered, he had completely transformed in temperament, now calling himself Blackfoot Curlytop, a famed rogue and member of a prestigious halfling family from the days of Blackmoor. In his addled mind, Hintor/Blackfoot seems to believe he IS in Blackmoor, sometime in the 13th century AR (or roughly BC 4000!).

What’s more, “Blackfoot” has reformed the mostly harmless Black Stocking separatists, who’ve been fighting the new taxes and heavy-handed statecraft of the regency, into a much more aggressive militia.

Hintor Crownvetch

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