Janosz the Grey Rover

An assassin known in Landfall


•Born in Alpha in AC 1167
•Family was caught in the tumultuous years of the Götterdämmarung conflict between the Nordur, Heldannic Order, and Chaos Cults in AC 1150, and was subsequently pressed into indentured servitude. They and their descendants ended up indentured to the guilds of Syndicatus, presently presided over by Pasha Yapu, one of the infamous bastard sons of the Devil Swine. Janosz was born into servitude working in textile mills in Oceansend, and later ended up in the notoriously packed slums surrounding the de-facto capital of Syndicatus, Landfall.

•Lost his parents to plague at a young age, himself surviving, though with permanent scarification.

•Came into the care of his maternal grandmother, Danuta. Scavenging an old depot in the Kamminer Bay, the family unwittingly overturned the ruins of an ancient Nithian port. Janosz’ grandmother was afflicted with a potent supernatural disease similar to Mummy Rot. She endured the illness for many years, suffering progressive debilitation from the leprosy-like curse. Without the knowledge of what faith created the mummies (Nithia being wiped from all memory of the world), priests could not beseech the proper immortal to break the curse, resorting to herbalism to comfort Danuta. It was at this point that Jonosz’s uncle took over the household.

•Janosz would be victimized by the unspeakable sexual proclivities of his uncle from now until he entered into the runner service of the local sub-boss, Massimo Agostinelli, the Ghost.

•A natural athlete, Janosz was an accomplished runner and deliverer for the Ghost. He also displayed innate aptitude for ciphers and cryptography, using ones of his own making and often intercepting rival faction communiques and translating them. His skills placed him in the retinue of omu d’onuri imminente, or a near made-man.

•Goes by the following aliases:

•Maribōn the Grey Shade

Janosz the Grey Rover

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