King Fredenand Halvis X

King of Free Northern Heldann


Great-great grandson of Halvard Haldis, the founder of the Rangers of the Altenwald, whose son Fredik Halvardson (Haldis VI) achieved independence for the Northmost Freeholds of Heldann from the Order of Ványa.

A just ruler, Haldis’ ambitions for the realm are tempered by the constant specter of the Knights of Heldann hanging over them, threatening another conquest. But careful alliances, notably Glantri, an unheard-of cross-alliance with bitter rivals Thyatis and Alphatia (via Vestland and Norwold, respectively ), the elf kingdom of Wendar, not to mention the indefatigable Sembasta tribes of Davania (surrounding the Tomb of Ványa), have given the vulnerable Haldis people time to build their fledgling nation from the days of conscription under the Order. Haldis’ predecessors settled upon the preexisting salt, iron, and amber deposits, as well as the vast oak forests of the Altenwald and the bountiful Kamminer Bay.

King Fredenand Halvis X

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