Ledeïa Celebram

An elf mage, mother of Calenrok Celebram

Female Elf of unknown alignment (presumably good) unknown religion

Medium humanoid (elf) wiz

Her existence unknown until AC 1200, she was revealed to Calenrok Celebram through a series of visions brought on by a psionic focus and a mysterious set of three keys, that presumedly unlocked these glimpses. The following has been revealed:

-She suffered great loss early in her life, losing two brothers, two sisters, and both of her parents.

-innately magical, she attended Glantri’s Academé de Magick and achieved exceedingly high marks; her academy ring showed a whorl of 8 stones around a central blue diamond, with a puff of smoke (conjuration school?) engraved on the side.

-She passed away before the fall of Alfheim.

Ledeïa Celebram

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