Magnolia Geodwell

Baroness' assistant


At 4’4" and 135 lbs of muscle concealed in a long-sleeved frock dress, always altered in the current Civilized Southern fashion, the academical Kagyar Magnolia enjoys using her outward appearance to her advantage. If antagonists disinclined by her dwarven build to continue an argument knew her real, absolutely non-combative nature, they might press their point a little harder. The chief servant, intelligence master and head of staff of the Vega compound of Hillock has not the laconic, composed Larry Bloodbourne’s reputation to fall back on, though she she does an estimable impression of her predessecor, to middling result. She holds the title Ez Bád smërî of the Vega compound, a dwarven superlative that is a throwback to the feudal dwarf lords before the First Crowning. Meaning first among servants, her title suggests a porter or bearer of additional arms to a warlord, willing to receive a killing blow in their master’s place. The choice of this ancient title is a curious one to those on the compound.

She is known as Sandy l

Magnolia Geodwell

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