Oran Meditor

Guild master of Minrothad, younger than he looks


Male Sea Elf LN of Minroth/Calitha Starbrow

medium humanoid (elf) Ftr/Wiz/Merchant Prince


Aged beyond his years, with rumors of magical poisoning, the toll of his stresses in leading and liberating Minrothad from out of the yoke of foreign oppressors, and the loss of much of his clan (including his wife, Astra Verdier-Meditor) in the Guild Wars of the 12th century. The living example of a survivalist, he is unbowed in the face of assassination, impetuous rivals, his own supposed kindred that have attempted usurpation, and Darokinian, Glantrian, Sindhian, and Alatian trade encroachment. His health always a concern since the early days of his guildmastership, he has proven everyone wrong and remains the longest incumbent ruler of the Civilized South. On the face of Mystara, only fellow Elven clan master Doriath of Alfheim and the enigmatic Master of Hule rival him (and rumors circulate that the Master has not always been the same despot). Deeply rooted in the past, in fact witnessing the founding of Minrothad, and always looking to better future iterations of the “Great Minrothadi Experiment”, Master Meditor ended the Isolationism of the Guilds in AC 989, and instituted the Lassaiz Faire Investire Act of AC 1155, which applied the investment banking of the guilds to the government itself. Meditor thus transformed a country into an openly traded and speculated business. But his real dream, that of a single, unitary bank or trade hall that applies these principles to all of Brun, maybe even the world, is still a dream, though one coming to fruition. The experiment of the Dread Sea Accord and it’s success in the 1020’s and 1030’s points to the potential of a world banking system. Such a system would be Oran’s requiem.

Oran Meditor

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