The Man in Gold

The Crimelord of Wealth and Avarice


Medium humanoid (human) LN agnostic

Male Human ex-Daro Merch10


The Man in Gold, one Escarl Drakewine, a slumlord to some, an important supplier and broker in rare commodities to others, holds forth at the 2nd building of the Godsway Tenements, where he has converted the entire upper floor into his personal flat. He runs his small, 4-block empire and businesses in the Foreign Quarter from this high vantage point. He can be seen with his gold silk-dressed bodyguards enjoying coffee and cake every noonday, where like a Baron he takes open entreaties, daily constabulary inquests, grovelings, requests for reprisal, and orders for product from the Vega public. In Darokinian merchant fashion, hundreds of thousands of Daros worth of goods and services pass over his Glantrian bistro table each noonday, all in notarized “cloc” certificates issued by his personal banker. He keeps little actual wealth about his person. The “Golden Duke” persona that intimidates and captivates the public is just that, and once behind closed doors he removes his trappings and travels incognito in a much more tasteful manner; it requires 4 large war-chargers to lug his gold and gem- bedecked monstrosity around Vega, and a simple, elegant carriage of the rarest, dark-lacquered hardwoods suits him much better. Besides, for the (at least) two known body doubles that he employs, it paints a shinier target while he moves about unseen, conducting the ‘real’ business of his networks. At least 50 associates comprise his businesses, most of them soldiery or runners, while he keeps a very small inner circle of a dozen or so merchants, low-rung council members, and circuit/appellate judges. All are in his pocket, all easily destroyed in reputation if they don’t properly acquiesce to his requests.

Drakewine has an air of inscrutable business reputation, as well as indestructibility. He frankly should have died on three separate occasions.

The Man in Gold

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