Ur-Priesthood of Vega

A group of 12 followers, adhering to the strictest atheist and self-reliant teachings of the prophet Gerath.

Chevras (Shé-vros)-Male human (Thyatian); former follower of Ixion, he is the leader of the faction. A militant follower, he strongly pushes for conversion, and leads frequent missions in the Godsway to convert the disaffected.

Shondra- female Callari elf; a recent convert, and a former follower of Ilsundal.

Varkas- male human (Traladaran); a former follower of the Traladaran cult, he still wears the tokens of his old faith and toasts to his friends and family, citing that “old habits die hard”. He believes in the onetime existence of the mortal Halav, Petra, and Zirchev, and takes their teachings and philosophies to heart.

Ur-Priesthood of Vega

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