Vampires of Castle Vega

The children of the night

Coven of Priest

Serves in the name of the Dark One (Thanatos).

Taymoran strain of Vampirism- focused upon shape shifting, necromancy, undead experimentation and augmentation.

Coven Alpha: “The Lord”- not on sight, controls the entire coven remotely via Priest.

Coven Beta: Priest- the cause of the vampiric disease in Vega. Allowed himself to die within Vega Castle’s walls, “being let in”, and then reviving as a vampire to infect the soldiery and servants.

High Priest: Ur-Priest Markhov of Ixion/Thanatos.

Bathory- girded in corrupted angelic armor, wielding a Blackmoorian Saw Blade.


Vampires of Castle Vega

Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield GeorgeArmbruster