Vega Government

Those who serve the city of Vega

Founded: AC 1017
Government: Republican
Size: approx. 1,400, including the military

Three levels of government exist in Vega:
1.) Regency
2.) District
3.) Local

The Regency

The combined body of bureaus, courts, and officials running Vega. Consists of 3 branches- the Magistrate, the 10 Ministries, and the Regency Council.

I. Regency Council- the legislating, law-making body of Vega. Consists of 128 seats, 2 from each ward. Each ward consists of a junior and senior representative. Wards that combine in voting preferences, and usually (but not always) in proximity to each other form districts. In a broad sense, districts that represent large swaths of Vega form larger collectives, called various different names (counties, warrens, regions) that are largely informal in nature.

II. Regency Magistrate- 5 total, one for each court in Vega- West, East, North, South, and Central. Individually, they are the highest legal authority in Vega, superseded only by the Baronial seat (now defunct) and potentially by a Patrician wielding emergency powers (which has yet to be invoked). Together, they come together to rule on motions for laws created by the Council and vetted by the Ministries.

III. Regency Ministry-the ten branches presiding over all goods and services in Vega.

Duties of the Ministries:

Duties: budget approvals, financial sub-ministry’s oversight, financial audits. Appraises and sets the credit strength, buying power, valuation of the city.

Headquarters: Corun Estate, in the Brickway

Minister: Iannuccillo Kalimi, MP XVI

Duties: oversees standards of law education, accreditation of all law practitioners in Vega, prosecution of state-level cases,

Headquarters: Temple of Law, in the Gods Way.

Minister: Amsorakion Emiliano

Duties: oversees the external security of the city, including the army in a defensive capacity. Also includes any Regency-level auxiliaries, such as city guards, bodyguards of state officials, and any application of the armed forces in a purely defensive capacity for the other Ministries.

Headquarters: ISF main precinct, the Main Way

Labor- oversees labor regulations, employment regulations, ultimate adjudicator in guild disputes. Sets guild standards and work practices.

Agriculture- oversees farming practices, cultivation, harvesting, and transportation of all crops grown by the city.

Public Works- construction, maintenance of public structures, including sewers, roads, government buildings, parks, statuary, walls, and the like. Explicitly not responsible for military or constabulary works.
Headquarters: Department of the Throughway, “The Strip Depot”, 6 Main Way

Taxation- collects taxes. Enforces tax codes and regulations.

Duties: enforces all external and internal trade regulations. Appraises all imports and exports, issues and regulates all licensed tradespeople within the city.

Headquarters: Trade Consortium, in the Caravan Circle

Minister: Merchant Prince Toren Meditor

Treasury- Receives taxes, stores and oversees liquid assets of the city. Issues notes, loans, and other incentives.

War- training, arming, maintenance, sheltering of the standing army of Vega.

Headquarters: First Gate Barracks, Old Castle Cul-De-Sac
Minister: General Kritios Ochaleas

Vega Government

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